Wedding and Race

Busy, busy week and weekend.

Monday - Went to work and then went to a lady in my wards house to babysit her kids, all 6 of them!

Tuesday - I took the day off work and studied for my accounting exam I had. It was a home study class I have been doing over the last few months. The test was downtown at 2 pm and by the time i finished the test and drove home it was time to go visiting teaching. When i got home, i went for a bike ride with a friend.

Wednesday - Went to work and came home and worked on the guest book i was making for my brother and Tami.

Thursday - Went to work and after work went to the nice eyeglasses place and finally picked out a pair of prescription sunglasses that both Scott and i could agree on. Then drove all around town trying to find white picture frames for the wedding on Friday. Basically non-existent. Got home, crying and soaking wet from the rain. I was suppose to go pick up my bother from the airport at 9pm but Scott went by himself instead. I went back out after calling my mom for more ideas on were to find white pictures frames, which end up being Ikea. Then got home and finish up the guest book.

Friday - Got up early and packed for the weekend. Got a phone call from my mom in Lethbridge and they moved the wedding inside (due to the rain) and asked me to print off 6, 8x10 photos of the happy couple. Jeff and I head to Wal-Mart spent an hour printing pictures, came home finally, finished packing and drove to Lethbridge. My brother and Tami got married that afternoon and it was wonderful wedding. So happy to have Tami in the family!!! I will post more pictures when i get them from Tami. But until then, here are 2 of their engagment photos. Leah Karch took them and also took their wedding photos.

That night, Alyssa, Scott and I got back into the Rav and drove 5 hours to Edmonton. Went to bed on Alyssa's couches at 2am!

Saturday - Woke up at 7am, got ready, eat an egg for breakfast and we all hopped in the car and drove downtown to run our first ever 10 km race!!!

Our number 1 fans, Scott and Becky (Alyssa's roommate)!

Lining up...

And we are off!

Coming up to the FINISH line! (And the boys in the pictures are in the 5km race, not the 10km!)

Eating a banana after... they gave you breakfast after.

The results!!! We didn't do that good with our age group, but i am pretty sure all the guys that made it back in about 30 minutes were all our age! I believe they said there was 750 people in the 10 km race. And overall we came in at 366 and 367. Our time was 1:00:57. Our goal was 1 hour, so it was almost perfect!

Sunday - Church, family, yummy sunday dinner and back into the Rav and drove back to Calgary!

Today - Blogging, picking up sunglasses, going to the bank, booking hotels, cleaning house, packing, washing car, finding my misplaced iPod (might be at work) and so much more!

Tomorrow - Off to New York City!


I just booked flights to Phoenix, Arizona! Our trip isn't till February, but we had to book now, to get free tickets (other than taxes) with our aero plan. It is the collage reading week, so not much choice in flights left, but oh well, we are super excited. Scott's parents bought a condo there and are moving all the furniture there this weekend.

12 more days till we leave for New York City!
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