Wedding Pictures!

My wonderful bridesmaids and me!

Cutting the cake!

The groomsman at the hot chocolate table!

Alyssa's boyfriend Tyler, stealing the presents!

Alyssa, the maid of honor!

Our reception!

The Bride and bridesmaid... shoes

Tara's family


Coming out of the temple!

Scott and I before going to the temple to get married!

We got married!

Scott and I both agreed that this past weekend was the most fun we have ever had. We both LOVE being married to each other.
Last night was the first night in our home. We are living in my condo that i lived in for 8 months so it is going to be hard to start calling it OUR home, instead of MINE!
I am going to post some pictures taken from my sisters camera. Once we get the professional ones i will post some of those.

My Oh My, Look How The Time Flies

2 weeks tomorrow Scott and I are going to be married!!!!


Our relationship started back in February 2006. Scott was friends with one of my roommates and used her to get to me (kidding). But slowly we became more than friends and Scott considered us dating.... but I didn't consider us officially dating till the end of April! So we both have been dating each other for different lengths of time :)
We only dated for a few months before we got engaged on September 8, 2006.
Our wedding date is set for December 15, 2006 in the Edmonton Temple. (which make it 38 days and 1 hour till we are officially husband and wife!)
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