As per the constant request from my family here is a few pictures of our apartment. My list of things to do to the place is still huge... so here are just a few pictures to give you idea of where i spend 99% of my time!
Our hallway. The mirror at the end of the hallway is where we get ready. Since the bathroom only has one plug and it razor only, hair is done in the hallway!

Boston's room. Well half of it... still working on a few parts of the other half. Including sewing a change table cover and lining the back of his bookcase. I just ordered his chair from It didn't cost that much, same price as if i went to Home Sense and found it. BUT could never find one at Home Sense i liked.

Our dining area and behind that screen is my desk, bookcase and craft area. At the condo we had a separate room/den, but not here. I decided to use the dining room as my den and push the table into the living room. Its tight but it works.

The view of our couch and fireplace (which doesn't work). I am trying to find a beveled mirror for the fireplace but haven't found one yet at Home Sense. I saw the perfect one all the time in Calgary and Edmonton but not in Regina!

The front entrance and a view of my pretty curtains i just sewed last week. My goal for after Christmas is to recover those 2 stools below (which i am nervous about). I bought this bold flower fabric online when i ordered my curtain fabric and cant wait to see how it looks.
Take a look at my previous post.
The kitchen looks the same, other than a few items on the counter and all my serving trays and plates on the top of the cabinets to add some color.
The bathroom also looks the same, just add some clutter to the counter.
I would take a picture of my bedroom but it is a mess right now... it's full of decorations for our Ward Christmas Party on the 3rd.

Hope you like it Alyssa!


My sister showed me this cute clock she wanted to buy and the crafter in me said, "We can easily make that ourselves".
We got our 40% off coupons for Michael's and went to look at clock hands. They seems too much money even with the coupon. Walmart Super Center was right next door and we found these for only $5.
Alyssa bought a piece of scrapbook paper and i used one i had at home. We have been blessed with a very talented father and got him to cut us our round base. Then using some other supplies I already had (vinyl, Mod Podge, Spray Adhesive, Sponge brush, sandpaper and paint) we made our clocks! 

Here is the finished product!

The things i learned from doing this project are:
1. Use spray adhesive to glue down large piece of paper and not mod podge. I didn't have the spray adhesive with me the day we started the clocks and my sister used mod podge and it bubbled! Once it dried it flattened but that might have been just lucky.
2. After gluing down the paper, use sandpaper and gently sand down the edges. This step blends the paper better into the wood for a more even look.

I love being crafty!

7 Months

Boston will be 7 months on Friday. When he turned 6 months i didn't really think anything of it other than the fact i could start him on solids. But for some reason as he is turning 7 months i am finding it shocking! I cant believe its been 7 months! Where has the time gone?!?!
We took these pictures of our "pioneer" before church today (the outfit makes him look like he is from Utah in the 1800s).
We just love this kid!


I gave Boston Banana today... this was his reaction.

I was trying out iMovie... so don't judge the video. Boston was on my lap the whole time and i have NO idea how to use that thing.
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