My Newest Purchase

In my previous post showing my new crafty projects I mentioned that I try not to shop anymore and trying to save money for New York. Haha, well a couple days after that post I went shopping! I couldn't help it, I have been eyeing this clock that I saw in the House and Home magazine. I finally went to Restoration Hardware after work on Thursday and bought it. It was an even better match then I had hoped. I justified buying it because we haven't had a clock in the bedroom for over a year and have been waking up to my cell phone. Now I have a pretty alarm clock!

Look how cute it is!

The lamp was a great find from Home Sense, the shade was $5 from Zellers. The little vase is from Pottery Barn and it all matches my pok-a-dot sheets from Pottery Barn.

I have been so good not buying too much for the house since I quit working at Pottery Barn in the summer. And Pottery Barn is not too close to my house (about 20-25 minutes away). But Restoration is like 5 minutes from my work and 10 minutes from my home. It is a good thing Crate and Barrel opens after my NY trip, because it is going in at the same mall as Restoration!

I added these last few pictures of my bedroom, i took them a while ago, but everything other than the clock is the same. I love my dot sheets. They are pretty kiddish, but i don't care.

The shelves on the wall are where those 2 crafty projects are from my previous post are located (the F and the picture frame).

And yes my room is really small. I cant fit a normal dresser in the room... only this tall square lingerie dresser (they are really called a lingerie dresser, i don't just call it that because of what i keep in it.)

Dinner Calendar

My goal ever since I got married was to learn how to cook better. But that really wasn't the problem, my goal should have been planning meals better. I lack a plan when it comes to dinner. I went to this RS stake thing a month ago and this lady taught this great class about family meal planning. She was an amazing organized mom. She had plenty of great tips, but the one that i took from it was a calendar for your monthly meal planning. SO i designed one for myself. This is my first week at planning, but i am doing so good... very proud of myself. And most of all Scott is amazed!

Here is the plan planner i created. I just put it on my fridge.

Close up...
The calendar is just laminated and i use these planning markers that come off with water.

A few things other things she mentioned with her weekly meal planning was; every week she had a seafood dinner, chicken dinner, vegetarian dinner (she said this saves money), ect. She also said that in the summer, ever Fridays is fruit salad and fresh bread dinner. And winter is homemade soup and fresh bread Fridays.
I love chicken, so that will be one meal a week, one will be beef (Scott likes beef), one will be vegetarian and one fish. And there will be left over days as well, since it is just Scott and I. Maybe when i am home with a baby one day, i will try the fresh beard Fridays!

QUESTION: Anyone with a MAC, do you know who to make the pictures you attach, link to a bigger page when clicked on? Mine wont go bigger if clicked on them. If i add pictures of my work PC they go bigger... but not with my MAC. HELP!

Nothing New

My visiting teachers came over this morning (who are awesome ladies by the way) and we got talking about our blogs... and i realized that i haven't updated it for a while. But nothing is exciting in our lives right now... so here is just a post of what i have been up to in my spare time. As most of you know I love decorating but we are trying to save up for New York this summer (which will be excited), so i have stopped buying new things and have attempted to try and update the old. These are my newest crafty projects....

Scott had this F in his room before we got married, so i made sure he brought it with him, when he moved in (other than his clothes, this was the only thing i think he bought). It use to be black, so i painted it white and added some blue paper to match our bedroom. I will admit, i messed up on the gluing of the paper the first time, so this is the second attempt.

I found this quote when we first got married and i wanted to add it to our bedroom in a cute way, at first i just put it in a frame, but a few weeks ago i decided to scrapbook it in a frame. It is also blue to match our bedroom.

This project i finished today. It is a pin board for my scrapbook room/office. I bought a cheap $30 mirror from ikea, took out the glass, bought cork from Michael's (with a 40% off coupon), mounted it on the cardboard the frame came in and covered with left over fabric from my apron. Now I just need to go and get some cute push pins.
This frame matches my other wire stuff in my scrapbook room perfectly. It was a great find. The wall color in the above picture is way off, as you can see from these pictures below, but i was too lazy to take it again.
Here is the apron i just mentioned, i got my friend to make me it around Christmas. I also got her to make one for my mother-in-law's Christmas present, but hers in blue flowers with strips instead of the dots. (All Amy Bulter fabric.) The picture isn't the best, but Scott is at work and i had no one to take the picture.

Well uploaded my pictures just now i found this one that Scott took of me. I remember him taking it and saying it was his favorite so far (he always takes pictures of me when I am sitting at my computer... he LOVES to bug me) but I never looked at it. I was busy focusing on working. I think the main reason he liked this picture so much was it had two of his favorite things in it. Me of course and a great shot of an apple computer.
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