Yellow or Blue

The choice between blue and yellow right now is keeping me up at night (not really but pretty close). I have never been a huge fan of yellow but lately it is really sticking out to me. I am wanting to change up my bedding for the big move. I need your option (for those of you that dont know, you can comment without a blogger account).

These are my new sheets... hopefully if i can find a way to get them to me. They are from West Elm.

I thought that since i have a white duvet, i can easily switch things up without costing too much. I plan to buy nice sheets since i know nice sheets last forever (the pok-a-dot sheets on my bed right now are a few years old from Pottery Barn). Then i will be on the hunt for fabric to make my own pillow covers and throw for the edge of the bed. Add a few accessories and a new room!

Now for the Inspirations!






What do you think...
blue and grey 
yellow and grey


We are so excited that our condo sold this weekend! We finished signing all the papers Saturday at midnight. Two guys bought it from somewhere out east and are moving to calgary in 3 weeks. Which means, we are out of this place in 3 weeks! Very fast but i like it that way.
We are planning on packing up on Saturday, August 14th (if anyone wants to help) and then we are moving in with Scott's parents for 3 weeks till we pack up again and drive the long drive to Regina for September 6th!
I am looking forward to starting something new and saying goodbye to this condo. We love it but i feel like it is time is part and say hello to a new decorating project!


Aka Boston!

Happy Little Guy

This is his, "Mom stop taking pictures of me" look

On July 16th Boston weighted in at 12 lbs 14 oz and today i officially put him into size 2 diapers!

As of Friday we have a place in Regina to rent. We are happy, we got the one we wanted!
We also just got an offer on our condo 20 minutes ago, I am just waiting for Scott to get home... so the countering war can begin!

Beginner Crafts

Project One:
My inspiration... House of Smith's
Her's is better, i like the black and white, but i didn't want to have to buy fabric and i had a tiny piece of leftover fabric that fit perfectly in this frame.
Total cost:
$3.99 for the frame (I started spray painting before i took this picture, it was gold to start)
$5.99 for spray adhesive (which i will use for tons more projects)
Everything else i had.

I am not sure what i am going to do with this yet, i like how she put her's into a basket. I have a hallway table and even have that large paper clip holding all those pictures. We will have to wait for the big move to see where it ends up!

Project 2:
While at Value Village looking for that round frame above i found these for $1.99.

I bought a can of spray paint and now they look like this!
I thought these would be a cute little filler somewhere in my place but once again waiting for the big move to find a good place for it.

Next on the agenda:
1. Clock for my computer/scrapbook room (my sister and I are making them)
2. Baby room art
3. Spray paint patio table and chairs

A Trip to Value Village Made My Day

Boston and I went to Value Village today looking for a round picture frame for a craft idea i have. While in the store it started pouring like crazy and i was waiting by the doors for the rain to slow down. This nice man made a comment on his way out to me about the rain and i said something back. A few minutes later that man came back with a massive umbrella and offered to walk Boston and me to my car. It made my day!!! Glad to know there is still wonderful people out there!

I have been inspired lately by tons and tons of blogs i have been looking at. I didn't realize the amount of fun thrifty decor blogs out there. I think I just never had time to find them but when i feed Boston i look at blogs on the iPad. All now all i want to do is crafty things. I will share with you them as i do them! I also really need to work on Boston's room. Having him come 4 weeks early really threw me off and i haven't been able to catch up yet, some little child seems to really like me holding him a lot, all day long.

Boston is BIG! I love him! He has really started to smile over the last few weeks and it is making my job as a mom feel more appreciated! He has also had a few good nights (only 3 thus far) of fully sleeping thru the night and i look forward to more!

And now for Pictures!

Boston and the monkey

Boston and Scott in slightly matching outfits

Standing (with the help of daddy)

After a bath

Cute polo!

Shirt says "Mommy thinks i'm a star" (baby shower gift)

Scott took this to make fun of me... but you never know when the little guy could learn to roll!

My sister Alyssa coming across the finish line of her Canada Day 15km run

Happy Canada Day

Funny smiling picture of Boston

Boston loves to squish his face up to mine!

That's about all with our little family. Still waiting for our condo to sell and still waiting to find a place to rent in Regina. My sister is coming to visit for a few days on Wednesday and then we are going back to Sherwood Park for a few days! Spending some time with my parents and celebrate Alyssa and my birthdays!

Off to try to be crafty!!
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