Brown Wall

We bought a clock in New York at CB2. Anyone that is familiar with Crate and Barrel, while CB2 is their modern line. (Crate and Barrel opens in Calgary today!)
The clock is all white, other than a bit of green, so we had a hard time finding a spot for it since my walls are either green or white. And the greens didn't really match... so i thought maybe i would wall paper this tiny wall but couldn't find anything i really liked.
I then decided to paint the wall brown, the same brown i painted my bathroom. Since i had tons of paint left over, it wouldn't cost me a thing.
The paint went on, the clock went up and i realized i needed something on the white wall next to it. I have always wanted a vinyl sign somewhere in my house, so i picked one that Scott and I both liked and got it made in brown. The sign says, The Fullmers, est. 2006.

Here is my new wall and sign!

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