A Baby Shower and A Baby Bump

It has been a busy last 2 weeks with tons going on at work. We had our international employees from all over come for week long meetings and the Christmas party. The highlight of the week was the little baby shower the ladies threw for Marietta (a lady who works in the Netherlands) and me! Marietta is due about 2 weeks before me. One day at lunch they took us ladies out for a nice lunch and had balloons and gift baskets for us. I wish someone got a picture of the table, it looks really cute, but instead I took a picture later of the balloons (there was a few more but they popped) and also the gift basket. Scott and I had so much fun opening that night. Tons of cute outfits and blankets!

Saturday night we had my work Christmas party at the Rotary house, which is located at the stampede grounds. It was yummy food and a good time. My friend from work was trying to get me to dance but I enjoyed the socializing a bit more. BUT she did get me out there to do the Cadillac ranch! I was shocked that no one knew the dance to it but Marcy and me. I guess growing up going to youth dances and doing it every time, you never forget it! Someone did get a picture of us out there. It isn’t the best picture, but you can see a baby bump!

I wanted to add this funny picture. My work did a door decorating contest for Christmas. It was a christmas carol theme and this was Marcy's door.

Just a few days ago before I left for work, Scott took a few pictures of my belly at 22 weeks. The ones with my face didn’t turn out but here is one of my growing belly. I am really thankful I bought 3 knit dresses when I was in NY in the summer. They are all empire waist and perfect right now since I refuse to buy maternity clothes! Since they are not maternity dresses, they won’t fit forever but this black dress really made me look pregnant. In fact I had my first stranger ask me when I was due that day!

Christmas 2009

Christmas has come and gone, but it was enjoyed by both Scott and I. Highlights of the last month (it has been a month since i lasted blogged).

1. Had two "Christmas's", one on the 25th with my family and the other on the 20th with Scott's family. Forgot to take pictures... but did take some of the decor at my mom's and also a few at mine. Also tons of snow in Sherwood Park this year for Christmas!

2. Got a great little Kodak Pocket Video Camera from my in-laws for christmas, perfect for baby!

3. Had my second ultrasound, found out that mommies always know and of course we are having a BOY! Scott thought i would start to cry if the lady said it was a girl, but we didn't even have to go there!

4. Scott wrote 4 final exams and 3 final papers. Came out with what he needed, so he is happy, which means i am happy! Only 2 more classes and an internship left in his degree.

5. Felt baby move! I read that first time mom's will feel baby move at 20 weeks and they were right. It was shocking and shocking for Scott as well, he can just put his hand on my belly (late at night is the best time) and baby goes crazy!

6. Attempted to go to West Edmonton Mall for some shopping on the Monday after Christmas but after trying to find parking for 20 minutes, we left and went to Southgate Mall.

7. Went out for dinner with my friends Breanne and Jordan. Love them!

8. Went to a movie with my parents for the first time in over 15 years!! We all went to see It's Complicated. Funny movie, even Scott laughed the whole way though and he was the most against going to it.

9. Went to a New Years eve party at our friends new house, stayed out till 2:30 am! Haven't done that in a while.

10. Bought a crib for baby, love it, pick it up today. My friend Allison has the same one and said it is torture to put together... great!

11. Speaking of Allison, went to see her new baby, love new babies, love Allison. Had a good time, want to do it again soon?

12. Just thought of a new one, Scott and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! Scott and i are just laughing about this one because we didn't really celebrate it due to exams... so it completely slipped my mind!

13. Which also means, Scott turned 26 this month (day before our anniversary). We at least celebrated this one for an hour before Scott went back to school with dinner and cupcakes! His parents also had a birthday dinner for him!

It was a busy December and holiday. I love the fact that this is the first time since we got married that neither of us worked retail, which means, Scott and I have spent this last week and a half together with no work. It has been fun and the fun ends Monday when i have to go back to work. Tomorrow will switch time for Church to 11 am and looking forward to sleeping in. It will be a busy day with Primary and new teachers and excited children...
This week coming up at work, we have big meetings all week with lunch bring bought it every day and to finish off the week, my work Christmas party on Saturday, which should be fun.

Happy New Year everyone! Now to set some goals...
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