A Beautiful Day in June

Our first saturday together! (Click on the pictures to get the full effect!)

Never Before

I had something happen to me yesterday that has never happened to me before EVER!

I was at my Thursday’s Bootcamp class. The class is full of about 12 ladies/girls and 1 man. We were doing this hard core circuit and in-between the rounds, we ran suicides. I grew up doing these everyday at basketball practice. Basically you just sprint lines and race each other. Well we only had to do one set between each circuit so we had to go hard. AND I was the fastest women! The only one that beat me was the guy who is like 6 ft tall. A few of the ladies came up to me and said, wow your fast! AND I was like, what? Me? And there you have it friends, never ever before has someone ever told me I was fast. I was always one of the slowest growing up on all the teams I play on and now at almost 25 years old, I was told I was fast!

(I wish this was me!)

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