End of November, Brings December

Scott loves Christmas… and I have a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit! We went to visit my family last weekend and I am starting to feel a little bit of Christmas in me. My mom loves to take me to one of the greenhouses in Sherwood Park that has amazing Christmas decorations, which helped. Also my mom is almost done decorating already for Christmas! The main reason why we went up this weekend is my mom and I were doing a Christmas craft. I saw it a couple of Christmas’s ago and we were planning on doing it last Christmas but my mom’s dad passed away and we never found time. It is a craft for kids, a craft that they can play with and their moms won’t tell them not to touch. It isn’t fancy or anything, but cute! We made one for each kid in my family and I made two extra ones for two of my friends.

My sister and I were planning Christmas this year and what fun foods we are going to make and I have to admit I AM getting excited for Christmas. Early tonight we went and got our Christmas stuff from Scott’s parent’s house. I just need to do a little clean first and then I can start decorating!

This weekend Scott is going to be busy writing an essay, I am going to decorate and do some things around the house. We are also going to go look at this crib again tomorrow. I found one I like at e-children so we are going to take a second look. It is a really different looking crib, not your traditional looking… which is probably why we like it so much. And it is on sale… hopefully still!

I am looking forward to December 21st… hopefully I am finding out if my baby is a boy or a girl. I am hoping for a boy. When i think about this baby i never picture it a girl, never look at girl things online and don't even bother thinking of a girl name (which probably means we are having a girl). We went to our friend’s house tonight and they did the pencil test on me to see what I was having... it said a boy! Now if only it looked reliable!

I just found this picture on my camera, this is how we told our parents we were expecting! I put the frame in a Crate and Barrel bag. My mom and Ruth were so excited to see what we bought them...


As some of you already know… Scott and I are going to be having a baby! We are excited, I am nervous and a bit overwhelmed, but happy too! The little baby Fullmer is expected to arrive on May 15. My doctor wanted me to go in for a dating ultrasound, even though I told him when I was due. But I am glad he wanted me to go, it was an amazing experience! I didn’t know what I was expecting the baby to look like, but I was slightly shocked to see it with 2 legs, 2 arms and moving around like crazy! Here are a few pictures from my ultrasound at 12 weeks.

I am heading into my second trimester today and hoping this new trimester takes away the need to go to bed at like 7pm every night. My to do list is huge and I would like to start accomplishing things on the list, but I need to stay up past dinner time to do this.
Once I start showing I will post a picture but right now my belly looks the exact same as it always does.
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