Update - What Happens when you put an iPod though the washer

Just wanted to update on a previous post.

What REALLY happens when you put an ipod though the washer... YOU replace the washer! After 2 months of procrastination from someone other than me, we finally got the washer fixed today, only to find out, it isn't fixable!

Thanks to Scott's parents for letting us do laundry at their house over the last 2 months, hopefully we can find a replacement washer soon!

5 Weeks

Exactly 5 weeks left till i am due! I am nervous and excited. I want him to come early but i think every mom does.
We are getting more and more ready physically (I am not there emotionally yet). My parents come for the Easter weekend and helped out a lot. Sometimes i just need someone to hold my hand to motivate me to do this. My mom is this person!
My easter weekend goal was sewing baby blankets. I needed someone to just help me decided what fabric should go with what and also the size of the blankets and my mom was the person i needed. They left Sunday and on Monday and Tuesday i sewed all day (took those 2 days off work). I only have one more blanket to sew but i need to wash the fabric first and my washer is still broken (hopefully will be fixed this week). I messed up on a few of them, i sewed 8 in total, but hopefully anyone holding my baby wont notice and i am 100% sure baby wont notice!

We also bought a car seat that weekend. We had a coupon for $30 off and in the end decided to go with a more expensive car seat (i only cared about the color, Scott cared about everything else).
I also bought a bassinet for the baby. I couldn't comprehend spending over $120 for the moses basket and then another $50 for the stand, so i went the cheap way and bought a plain basket and foam to go inside for less than $40!
Here is the start to my nursery, honestly this is the only corner i have done anything with yet... i decided to go with this owl pattern from Dwell Studio! It will show up more later with the crib, moses basket and a few blankets. The chair is big, i regret that but hope that if we have to move it will fit better in the new room. But it was cheap and my dad was kind enough to paint it white! My friend recovered the cushions and we bought the lamp just last night from Crate and Barrel! The little table and basket underneath came back with us from Arizona in February. I think the table was $10 from target and the basket was also $10.

Looking at this picture i really want to paint... i hope we find out soon if we are going to move away for school...

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