Happy Birthday Scott

It was Scott's Birthday yesterday... here is how we celebrated!

I woke up around 9... got a few things done around the house, then woke Scott up to make him waffles!

As we eat waffles, we watched Elf!

Then we got ready for church... went to church. Can't let those Primary and Nursery kids down by not showing up :)

When we got home, Scott open his present that was hiding under the bed. As you can tell from the pictures, he was very shocked to see what i had given him. He asked for Guitar Hero - World Tour for Christmas but since he was expecting it, i thought i would give it to him for his birthday instead... throw him off a bit!

I love Scott's new vest. His mom gave it to him for his birthday. They had his birthday dinner last sunday for him.

After the gift opening, we had our friends Colby and Ashley over for dinner. I made chicken enchillads and chocolate cake with a oero creamcheese middle (Scott's requests).

And today is our 2nd year wedding anniversary! Happy 2 years Scotty!

I wanted to post this picture, because i looks nice outside. According to www.weather.ca the max temperature the day we had our pictures taken was -0.9C (but i swear it was colder than that) and today and tomorrow... well it's like -35C with the windchill!

19 Days Till Christmas

I haven't been that excited for Christmas yet... maybe it is the fact Scott is busy with studing for exams and I am busy finishing up my class and we both are still working. BUT i hope to get more in the spirit of Christmas as of tonight, last night helped too since we had our ward Christmas party. Scott is at school right now writing his first final exam. I have to make a little side note, that I find it a little odd that his final is on a Saturday night. It wasn't a weekend class or even a evening class. Weird!
Back to my Christmas talk... I had some running around to do this morning, had a baby shower to go to this afternoon and all evening i have been cleaning, doing laundry and putting the last Christmas touches up. My tiny condo looks in order again and now i can start to enjoy Christmas... hopefully. 
I am looking forward to Thursday when Scott is done his exams for this semester and he has a break from school (but not from work). And on the 16th I am done my class and on the 23rd I have a break from work till January 5! Scott and I are planning some fun date nights for the holidays. Including, making ginger bread houses (I am most excited for that one). 
We still have most of our Christmas shopping to do. So far, we have just done my parents. We have ideas, but need to go out and get the gifts. 

My mom and dad where in town 3 weekends ago and I have to share my little gift my mom bought me in Okotoks. My goal this year was not to buy anything new for Christmas decorating, since i bought tons at Pottery Barn last Christmas when i worked there. SO i was glad for my moms gift to me! Thanks Mom!

Weekend Update

Scott and I had a wonderful weekend in Sherwood Park. I love going to visit home and seeing my family and friends. Another major reason i love going away is i get to spend time with my hubby. Scott normally works every Saturday, so when we go out of town i get my husband for a full day! Friday night we had a wedding to go to. My friend Sarah got married to a really cute Australian. I didn't take any pictures, but I found this one on facebook (hope you don't mind Colette). They are a very gorgeous couple. Sarah played professional Volleyball in Europe and he plays professional Rugby in Australia. Couldn't get more perfect than that! Congratulations Sarah and Chris.

After the wedding, we went over to our friends Breanne and Jordan's house. I have only seen their baby once before this weekend, so i was looking forward to seeing cute little Avery.

Saturday was shopping! Scott loves west ed, but due to lack of money we don't go to the mall very often. I think it had been almost a year since we went to West Edmonton Mall. Scott loves his abercrombie and finch. My parents gave him an early birthday present (money) to buy something new. We decided instead of clothes (Scott barely wears causal clothes anymore because of work) he was going to buy a nice lap top cover for his new lap top he ordered online the day before.

This was his early Birthday and Christmas present from me. Scott waited for me to get home from school on Thursday night so he could open it with me. The way Scott was so excited to open the Mac book, you would have thought he was like 5 years old on Christmas day.

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