Summerland, BC

Scott and I just back from Summerland BC on Sunday! I was such a nice relaxing trip. We got there late Tuesday night and spent every day on the beach. I read mostly... I was a little late getting on the Twilight Series so I had to start at book one and finished book two on the drive home! There was about 5 other girls at the beach with us that where on book four. I got a nice tan... well a nice tan for me. I had tons of freckles, but they always go away the next day.
And now for the pictures... well we didn't take any! I don't know what my problem was, I kept putting off getting batteries then I finally went. BUT then I just didn't take any pictures. Which is too bad because BC is beautiful. I will admit, I am just too self-conscious right now to have pictures taken of me. I have lost over 12 pounds in the last 2 months, but still got 16 more pounds to go. And because of that, I shy away from photos. People gain weight from having babies, I gain weight from just being married!

One thing Scott and I did decided is that we have found a new way of living! Take a look at the pictures of this place!

We are going to buy one of these… we are thinking they are about $100,000. Which we would sell the condo and use the equity and live mortgage free! Isn’t it a great idea?

Now all we need to do in convince Scott’s parents to let us live in front of there house! We can plug into the house and if we wanted too we could just even shower at their house (even though there is a shower in the RV).
I think Scott is less serious than i am... haha, so we will see how our newest plan will actually turn out!

I found a picture on my camera from Summerland... one lonely picture!

I got this picture from the internet, but we did visit main street Summerland, almost every day. The reason for these daily visits... well there was this amazing bakery on main street. They had so many yummy everything. The favorite was this long john donuts that are cute down the middle and whip cream is adding like a sandwich. SO YUMMY!!!

Alyssa & Tara at the Calgary Zoo

Alyssa come to visit me for a few days and I had so much fun with her! I really miss having family in the same city as me and I am thrilled when they come to visit!
Our highlight of the weekend was the Calgary Zoo! It was really hot outside, I got sun burnt and well the animals where also a little hard to find, as they too where hot!
Alyssa and I both agree our favorites where the little babies. Baby elephant, giraffe and best of all the smallest little baby monkey! I wasn't a to get a good shot of the monkey, but you can kind of see it in the one picture though the glass. It isn't able to crawl yet so it just hung out in that spot for a long time.

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