Condo for Sale

Want to buy a condo, PLEASE!!!

We officially placed the condo on the market last Saturday and so far have had 3 showings, but no offers. Hope it doesn't take too long to sell...

My place hasn't been this clean and tidy in a long time so i thought i would share. Also I want to be able to look back on this place and remember how bright and fun it was, Our First Home!

Oh How Fast They Grow

I was putting Boston in his car seat yesterday afternoon and i was shocked how big he looked. I can believe how fast babies grow!

Boston 1 Week Old & 7 Weeks Old

All this week I have started packing and getting my condo ready to place on the market.... organizing and de-junking.

My goal is by sunday to be done and ready for a realtor to come. Wish me luck!

A Busy Life

It has been a while since i last posted anything. Life has been busy and a huge adjustment. Baby takes up most of my time which i love but at the same time, i have so much i need to be doing right now!
I have had 2 baby showers and am very thankful for Scott's mom and sister who did my one in Calgary and for Breanne who did my one in Edmonton. Boston got tons of great clothes and books! I also got a bunch of money to buy him the stroller he wanted (okay maybe i wanted it, but he will be happy with my decision i am sure).
Boston had his first photo shoot a few weeks ago, click below for a preview of how great he looked!

Boston had his baby blessing on May long weekend. We (My mom, Scott's mom and me) looked everywhere for a outfit for the blessing that would fit him and in the end found a funny outfit that barely did, but i loved it. My brother and sister-in-law sent Boston a tie from Ontario and even though it went to his knees I put it on him.

Picture of Boston and Daddy sleeping.

I spent the last week at my parents house in Sherwood Park. I loved being home for that long of time. We went shopping, went to a yummy cupcake store, eat great Italian pizza at a yummy restaurant, saw tons of friends, hung out with family and enjoyed Boston and all the attention he got.

Boston and I had our 6 week check up at my actual doctor on Thursday. I have to say i really like my doctor and glad to be away from the maternity clinic doctors (they were not too friendly or helpful). Boston weighed a massive 9 lbs 1 oz! I told myself after the 6 week check up, I will start eating healthy and working out. SO Monday is going to be the first day of healthy Tara and also healthy Scott. Scott recently expressed the idea of starting to run and i have always wanted him to run with me! We are going to have to wait maybe another month before we take Boston. I have a running stroller but have heard you are not to run with little babies... anyone know for sure???

Today was a great day and it was also a first for a lot of things!

1. Boston fit into his first pair of jeans and cute shirt!

2. We used my new stroller for the first time!

3. We went to the zoo!

Aunt Alyssa


Boston being eaten by a bear and mommy trying to save him...
4. First time i walked for more than 20 minutes and i had no pain! We walked around the zoo for hours and i feel great!

5. Boston experienced mommy's favourite restaurant, Open Sesame. Scott and I went with our friends (the lady who did his baby photos) and their baby who is less than 2 weeks older than Boston.

AND last but not least... we are officially moving to Regina! I am fine with the idea, only for 12 months for Scott to do his Masters but when i look at my condo and all the work i need to do to get it ready to put on the market i get overwhelmed!! Scott and i started to look at places online to rent and i got overwhelmed! Basically i am overwhelmed but fine with the idea of being in Regina, just getting there is stressful!
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