Happy Birthday Dad!

I wanted to do a little shout out to my father! He turned 60 years old on the 17th.

The reasons why Edwin Leo Woolley is the best day ever:
1. He never gets mad... the only times growing up that I can remember him getting mad was when one of the kids upset mom.
2. He loves my mom. He does everything for her. My mom is like me and loves list and she makes a "honey to do list" and he actually does them! My parents are a great example of a happy eternal couple.
3. He is strong in the church. My dad knows everything to do with the church (well at least my simple level questions). He always has callings that devote a lot of time and he never complains and goes about his calling loving it.
4. My dad is always giving. He and my mom have tired their hardest to make sure us kids had everything we needed. We all played sports growing up and they made sure they had the money to support us, even when they had no money themselves.
5. He has a great personality. My dad makes jokes all the time, some aren’t so funny, but the way he smiles and laughs at his jokes you can’t help but laugh too.
6. He is great at making breakfast! Every time I go to Sherwood Park to visit, he always makes a yummy breakfast! I also remember in High School and after when I still lived at home, my dad would also make my lunches!

I am sure i can go on forever, but to end it here are some pictures of my dad.

My dad and me at my wedding.

My dad a bit younger (this was the only picture i had on hand, i took a picture of a picture)

My dad and my niece Katelyn this past summer.

So Happy 60th Dad! Love You!

25 Random Things About Me

I got tagged on facebook to do this list... and i decided to follow Breanne's lead and do it on this thing instead.

1. When i was young, the doctors thought i had spinal meningitis but it mysteriously went away. Another time they thought i had leukemia, and that too vanished.

2. I am an organization freak. Not a total neat freak but everything has to be organized, in its place and in a perfect place (my label maker is my favorite household appliance). My house is clean most of the time, but due to a busy life, i have learned not to freak about not having a neat house 100% of the time (just 95%).

3. My husband wants to be a politician and i failed every test i ever wrote in social studies in high school. So basically i know NOTHING about politics, Canada's history, ect. But i am learning... slowly...

4. I love looking into other people's houses. I know its creepy, but if we are driving, i just like to see how other people decorate and their paint colors. I have even made Scott turn around a few times, so i can look again if anything catches my eye.

5. After high school my friend Krystal got me a job as a administration assistant. I only planned to be in a job like that for a year or so... its now been 6 years and i am still an admin. But I have done other stuff, taken a decorating certificate, bookkeeping classes, but right now it pays the bills, so here i am still.

6. At one time i lived with 6 girls. 7+ sleeping in the house at a time and tons of company over all the time.

7. I bought my condo when i was 20 years old. People say, i was smart to invest so young because the market went up like crazy after i bought. But really the only reason i did wanted to buy was that it drove me crazy to live in a house (the roommate house with 7 girls) and nothing matched. The decor was terrible. I couldn't stand it! And no one cleaned!

8. My sister and i are 4 days less than 1 year apart... I don't know how my mother did it!

10. I am very negative. That is right, i am a extremely negative person, but Scott is extremely positive. Good thing for him our i would probably lay in bed all day thinking how bad our life is :)

11. I love Superstore. Something about it just makes me happy. I love walking up and down all the rows. I take my time in the clothes area, even spend time looking at all the cute kids and baby clothes. I love all their home decor stuff and all their kitchen gadgets. I have come to realize the other day, that i need to stop going in that store because i buy way to much stuff i don't need.

12. I don't have a gall bladder. The doctors took it out when i was in grade 11.

13. I love to vacuum. Something about it just makes me really excited. One of the best parts of it is taking off the basket thing and looking at what i collected! I have this nice shag rug in my living room and it always plugs my vacuum, i love reaching my hand of the tubes and grabbing the fuzz out!

14. I have this thing for writing things down. I love to make lists on paper and also on the computer. I make list for Scott, but of course he never looks at them. Scott said i should just get a iPod touch or iPhone to do my lists but it wouldn't be the same. I love looking at my list all the time, adding graphics. It just makes me happy. I feel productive just writing the list. Even if nothing gets done, at least my list looks nice!

15. I lack confidence. A lot of girls do, but i think mine is a bit more extreme. I will refuse to do places sometimes just because i know how ugly and fat i am... not want people to judge me.

16. That brings me to the next point, i hate being judged. I hate when i make someone upset. It bother me forever. Can't sleep at nights because i just think about it.

17. I want to me a mom so bad I cry about it! But I also don't like to be poor.

18. Poor... I hate being poor. I hate debt. So much stress! I think the most debt we have been in (other than mortgage and Rav) is like $1,500(it was from the wedding and Scott tuition). And i cried! I would cry all the time. I would tell Scott i hated our life and that things where so bad for us!

19. I love marshmallows. I can't have them in the house or i will eat the whole bag in one sitting. I love making anything with marshmallows in it. Popcorn w/ marshmallows is current favorite!

20. I have never ever changed a diaper!

21. My two favorite subjects though out high school was Math and Gym.

22. I love crafts! I get this love from my mom. I have list of crafts i want to make, just don't find time yet to do them.

23. Both my dad and Scott's dad's first name is Edwin. Both our parents wedding anniversary is on the same day.

24. I played Rugby, basketball and team handball in high school. Basketball i played since i was in grade 4.

25. It is 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday and i have no reason to get up early. Scott left for work a few minutes ago and when he shuts the door, i all of a sudden am fully wake up and cant sleep anymore. But yet i sleep though all the noise of him getting ready for work and i even sleep though the kiss goodbye. Its weird.

As you can tell by the post date, i started this a few days ago (it is really the 7th today)... but finally finished!!! Now its your turn!
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