I am no sewer, as I have previously blogged about here. But every once and awhile I do something that I am happy with... like my living room curtains!

I looked forever for curtains to purchase, but I couldn't find ones with enough color and pattern that I desired. I finally decided to buy fabric online and try to sew myself some lovely curtains. After I pressed and hemmed all the edges, I put up the curtains thinking I was done, only to see how bad they hung on the rod. 

After going into our bedroom and seeing how my purchased curtains are sewed I realized I needed to add tabs onto the back of the curtain so they will hanging 100% better. 

Way better!

Big Boy Hat

Happy to be wearing daddy's hat (don't judge my messy face)

Laundry Basket

Climbed into the basket, laundry is Boston's favourite pastime

Sneak Peek

I have spent the last few weeks shopping and crafting for two little boys 1st birthday parties! These little guys are about a month apart and almost have the same name (one letter difference).

Here is a little peek into what I have been creating for the parties...

The first party is in 1 week and the next party is in April! 
I love being a MOM and a friend to an amazing MOM how also has been busy crafting and shopping for the parties!

Bath Time

Bath Time


Boston's new favourite game!

Bad light and video from iPhone... sorry for the quality!

Funny Face

Boston is going through a phase of funny odd faces, its hard to capture because he is normally lunging towards you as he makes the faces.

Messy Kid

I was talking to my mom on speaker phone as I was feeding Boston. He was so happy... had to snap a few pictures so Grandma can see what he looked during the conversation.

If anyone is wondering what he is eating, Boston was having pasta with meat sauce and a yogurt for dessert!

Too Much Money

I took this picture for Scott and texted it to him as I was shopping. This was the largest grocery shop I have ever done (and I wasn't done yet when I took the picture)! I cant imagine having a few kids in the house and doing a shop this big all the time.

Feb 14

Boston and I dropping off dinner to Scott at school. He was very busy and we dropped off lunch and dinner to him, I was being an extra nice wife since it was valentines day. 

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone has a wonderful day full of tons of love!

My hubby and I celebrated valentine's on Friday night. We left our baby boy with his first non-family babysitter and enjoyed a valentines dinner! It was so nice to get out on a date... first date we have been on in Regina since we moved here back in September. Babysitters are limited when you don't know anyone and well no one has a job in this household :) A really nice girl from Scott's program has been begging him for months to babysit and we took her up on her offer! 

I thought I would share my first attempt back at scrapbooking. It has been probably 6 years (other than a my guestbook wedding album and a few other special projects). I made this valentine's day cards for the grandparents and while I was at it, I decided to scrapbook Boston's very first scrapbook page. I mostly used scraps I had to do the cards and the page. I don't think I will ever get through my huge pile of new paper at this rate!

I have been working hard these last few weeks on planning, creating and shopping for my son's first birthday party. His party isn't till April, but my friends sons birthday is in March and we are planning the same party and just sharing everything and splitting the cost! I can't wait to post the parties once they all happen!

Flower Arrangement

Testing out a new "flower" arrangement for the fireplace

Funny Kid

Boston crawled around the house for 20 minutes with this in his mouth, it got to the point that i thought maybe it was stuck (it wasn't)!

Plate Wall

I love plate walls... have wanted one for years. 

Google Image Search

Google Image Search

Google Image Search

I wanted to put one together for my last place but didn't have the right wall. But here in this place, I have a small wall in my kitchen right above where we placed our microwave and stand (not the prettiest location but it works).  I finally got my last plate at Christmas and it turned out to be my favourite one. Since it was my favourite I applied the glue and the picture hanger hooks to the other 4 plates to make sure it all worked out first before I applied the glue to my favorite plate. It worked! I used the technic Sarah did in one of her recent Sarah 101 episodes.

I hung the first 4 plates and got working on attaching the hook to my last plate (it is to dry for a few days)
Yesterday I was so excited to finally put up the last plate... I felt the glue and it was a tad sticky still, but i thought, oh it will be fine... got home from church and this is what I found! The square plate is my favourite and it feel down and knocked down my second favourite plate. 

You know that feeling when you think.... man what was I thinking, I should have listened to myself!!! And you had no one to be mad at, because you are the only one to blame! Grr! One of the first things my husband said was, well I am glad I didn't do it! 

Patiences is something I need to work on this year. Not rush things... not rush my life, my projects! This last few weeks I feel like I haven't been able to do anything fun. Baby was sick for a week and it was -50 outside with the wind (-58 F) which means, we obviously didn't go outside. I wanted to feel like I did something... and rushed the glue and bang, it all came crashing down. Even put a dent in our microwave. Wonder what the boys in the upstairs apartment thought when they heard the crash??

I am going to try and glue the pieces back together, wish me luck!

Gift from Grandma

Picked out a gift at Walmart from Grandma

Locked Out

Upset I looked him out of the garbage

Work Out

Glad someone is getting use from my workout DVDs
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