Back in the Day

I have been scanning my older scrapbooks from many years ago, back when i lived in Sherwood Park! I just wanted to post some high lights of those years. I use to scrapbook all the time, right after I took the picture... what happened to those days??? 
And just on a side note, the fire alarm keeps going off in my building, it is so loud and is making me go crazy. Some people might think... well get out of your condo, but the fact it goes off and then stops for a few minutes and then goes back off, i am assuming they are just testing it (well I hope that is the problem)!

And now for the memories... (more to follow as i scan more pages at work)!

Ikea with Krystal - Summer 2003

Road Trip to Lethbridge with Alyssa and Krystal - May 2003

My Nephew, Nathan when he was just little (he is 8 now).

West Edmonton Mall one night - April 2003

My Brother and his first kid - July 2003

Alyssa's Grad - April 2003

Preference - October 2003

Losing Wisdom... Teeth

Poor Scott had to be put under the knife Friday morning. Scott's mom took him for me so I didn't have to take the whole day off work, but I know they enjoyed the time together. I was hoping to get some good shots of Scott's before and after bruising and swollen cheeks, but nothing! He didn't swell at all. Oh well, here is a picture of us when I was taking the before shots.

Business Card Box

I saw this idea in a few different places and wanted to do it for myself. All the ones I saw where just a plain box, so i stepped it up a notch. I asked my dad to make me this box, I painted it white, covered it with paper, and made these tabs. They will hold all our business cards and i have cut scraps of paper to write down friends and family addresses. For now, since I don't have too many business cards, i found these marbles that matched and added them so the cards wont fall over. 
Thanks Dad for making the box for me, I wanted to show you what it ended up looking like, so here it is!

New York... here we come!

I just finished booking our plane tickets to New York next summer. I know it is really far in advance but we are using our aeroplan points and the sooner you book the better flight you get. And Scott and I got an amazing flight with no stops and perfect departure times.
Scott went to Boston on his mission so we are planning on spending a lot of time in Boston as well, visiting all his favorite areas. My whole family is coming along, so that is very exciting too. My Dad also served his mission in the area, but back then it covered a lot more area that Scott's did a few years ago. My dad hasn't been back since his mission, I cant wait to see how amazed he is about how different everything is.

I am sooooo excited! We have 10 months to save A LOT of money... because this trip will cost A LOT of money!


I am so excited that Calgary is getting a temple! I will admit that I was still sleeping on Saturday morning when conference started. My mom called to wake me up and told me.

I can't wait to start going monthly and making it like a Friday night date or Wednesday night.

I hope the temple looks like this one... San Diego! I have never seen this temple only pictures, but i have always loved it!

BUT because there is a temple 2 hours away and another one 3 hours away... it might end up looking like this... Edmonton Temple. BUT i love this one too, this is the one that i got married in and this is the one that i go to (well i went to Cardston once). I love the temple and the blessing it gives us!

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