Scott quit his job! He did it for many reasons... 1. Just like a lot of other people all over the world, the bad economy was effecting us. The news talks about all the auto maker employees that are hit the hardest with the bad economy but what about the guys who are actually selling the cars? Scott still did amazing considering the lack of people buying cars and also being in school. 2. We decided in September that Scott was going to quit working anyways and considerate only on school. He really wants to get amazing grades this last year to better his chances of getting accepted into a masters program somewhere. 3. Scott hates people. He is sick of sales and all the people that come with it. He is sick of all the dumb people trying to buy cars. Scott has become very anti-social over the last year. Just wants to stay home on the weekends. (Which i cant stand!)

Scott’s dad offered him a job to work for his little company for the rest of the summer. (I currently an the bookkeeper of the little company part time.) Scott seems pretty excited to start working with his Dad again. Him and his dad use to work together before and after this mission. But stopped that business at the end of 2006. Scott, his dad and his uncle will be working at the office in Calgary and all the labor is done in Texas by his other uncle and his few employees.

As for me, I have been keeping myself busy trying to get fit. I do a bootcamp class 3 times a week and then try to run at least 2 times. It is amazing how my endurance has gotten 100% better just from all these bootcamp classes and also running outside a few times a week. I am yet to lose any weight which makes me frustrated, but at least i can run 4km without stopping. Now i just have to be able to run 10km by August 15! I went and bought one of those GPS running watches to help me train. Going to use it for the first time tonight, so hopefully i like it.

I was just reading my previous post and wanted to comment on my calling in my new ward. I had said I was soooo excited to be released from Primary. Well guess what calling i got in the new ward, Primary Teacher! I was very upset, but i obviously said I would do it. The class i was asked to teach are the 6 turning 7 and 7s turning 8. All together there is 12 kids but two are inactive. And well so far i will have to admit i love my class. I love the fact these kids can read and can pay attention longer. I also told myself i would try hard to enjoy the class that i went out and bought these Sunday Saver books. They give you activities and games for each week. Those have been amazing and the kids love them too! If anyone is teaching Jr. Primary out there and want some fun activities, let me know!

I wish I had pictures to add… but since Scott will be home more and even more exciting he will be home SATURDAYS now (I am so happy about this one, been just over 2 years since we have had a Saturday together) we will do go places and do stuff and therefore take more pictures! This is the only one I had! Scott is addicted to Diet Coke. Has been as long as I have known him. He goes through phases when he is really addicted and this last few months has been bad! Safeway had these on sale, 3 for $11, so I bought the guy 3 cases. He was so excited when he brought them in from my Rav.

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