End of November, Brings December

Scott loves Christmas… and I have a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit! We went to visit my family last weekend and I am starting to feel a little bit of Christmas in me. My mom loves to take me to one of the greenhouses in Sherwood Park that has amazing Christmas decorations, which helped. Also my mom is almost done decorating already for Christmas! The main reason why we went up this weekend is my mom and I were doing a Christmas craft. I saw it a couple of Christmas’s ago and we were planning on doing it last Christmas but my mom’s dad passed away and we never found time. It is a craft for kids, a craft that they can play with and their moms won’t tell them not to touch. It isn’t fancy or anything, but cute! We made one for each kid in my family and I made two extra ones for two of my friends.

My sister and I were planning Christmas this year and what fun foods we are going to make and I have to admit I AM getting excited for Christmas. Early tonight we went and got our Christmas stuff from Scott’s parent’s house. I just need to do a little clean first and then I can start decorating!

This weekend Scott is going to be busy writing an essay, I am going to decorate and do some things around the house. We are also going to go look at this crib again tomorrow. I found one I like at e-children so we are going to take a second look. It is a really different looking crib, not your traditional looking… which is probably why we like it so much. And it is on sale… hopefully still!

I am looking forward to December 21st… hopefully I am finding out if my baby is a boy or a girl. I am hoping for a boy. When i think about this baby i never picture it a girl, never look at girl things online and don't even bother thinking of a girl name (which probably means we are having a girl). We went to our friend’s house tonight and they did the pencil test on me to see what I was having... it said a boy! Now if only it looked reliable!

I just found this picture on my camera, this is how we told our parents we were expecting! I put the frame in a Crate and Barrel bag. My mom and Ruth were so excited to see what we bought them...


As some of you already know… Scott and I are going to be having a baby! We are excited, I am nervous and a bit overwhelmed, but happy too! The little baby Fullmer is expected to arrive on May 15. My doctor wanted me to go in for a dating ultrasound, even though I told him when I was due. But I am glad he wanted me to go, it was an amazing experience! I didn’t know what I was expecting the baby to look like, but I was slightly shocked to see it with 2 legs, 2 arms and moving around like crazy! Here are a few pictures from my ultrasound at 12 weeks.

I am heading into my second trimester today and hoping this new trimester takes away the need to go to bed at like 7pm every night. My to do list is huge and I would like to start accomplishing things on the list, but I need to stay up past dinner time to do this.
Once I start showing I will post a picture but right now my belly looks the exact same as it always does.

Brown Wall

We bought a clock in New York at CB2. Anyone that is familiar with Crate and Barrel, while CB2 is their modern line. (Crate and Barrel opens in Calgary today!)
The clock is all white, other than a bit of green, so we had a hard time finding a spot for it since my walls are either green or white. And the greens didn't really match... so i thought maybe i would wall paper this tiny wall but couldn't find anything i really liked.
I then decided to paint the wall brown, the same brown i painted my bathroom. Since i had tons of paint left over, it wouldn't cost me a thing.
The paint went on, the clock went up and i realized i needed something on the white wall next to it. I have always wanted a vinyl sign somewhere in my house, so i picked one that Scott and I both liked and got it made in brown. The sign says, The Fullmers, est. 2006.

Here is my new wall and sign!

Our New York/Boston Trip

My dad, my sister Alyssa, Scott and I all went to New York/Boston on August 18 – 29, 2009.
We stayed in Hoboken, New Jersey for the first couple of nights. It was a great location, we didn’t want to pay the price to be in New York but this hotel was almost just as perfect. We were right on the Harbor and had a city view from our hotel room of New York City. The hotel was also the last stop for the bus, so we hoped on the bus right from our hotel and it took us straight into New York.
We did so much in NY, that i am just going to randomly talk about a few of the highlights. Time Square, which was crazy busy! Rockefeller Plaza and the NBC Experience Store.
United Nationals Building. Scott and I did a tour of the UN building. At first I wasn’t that excited about it, but I knew Scott really wanted to do it, but it ended up being really interesting. I attached a few pictures of it.
We visited Ground Zero and also did a walking tour of wallstreet. It was a HOT day, but the tour guide was over all pretty interesting and told us interesting facts of NY back when NY was first established. Wall Street is called Wall Street because there use to be a wall right where to divide the Dutch and well I don’t remember.
We also saw the Statue of Liberty… but only from afar. Scott and I got on the wrong ferry. We saw a sign that said Ferry and tons and tons of people going that way, so we assumed that was the ferry to the statue. Only to get on it and have the ferry PASS the Statue of Liberty that was realized, we got on the wrong Ferry. I knew you had to pay to get to the Statue of Liberty and when I couldn’t find someone to buy tickets from I thought, k maybe you buy tickets at the island. So we got on the ferry that took us to Staten Island.
Wicked – The show was amazing; I would recommend it to everyone!

Manhattan Temple.
China town – This was another really interesting experience. We got taken into the back rooms of a few shops to get some purses. Good thing for Scott, he was such a little haggler. He did the negotiating for my sister and dad too.
Soho – Shopping! We bought this huge clock at CB2, which we loved but then had to carry it around all day. Even took it to the boardway show that night. But worth it!

Age of Rock – A smaller broadway show. It was funny and had good entertaining music. A bit crude but other than that really good.
On Saturday we headed to Springfield, MA – Toured the small city, my dad showed us where his mission apartment use to be and Scott also showed us 2 of the apartments he lived in. (My dad went to NY on his mission which included Springfield and Scott went to Boston on his mission with included Springfield.)
On Sunday, we went to church, where Scott and my dad both served. It was fun people’s faces when they saw Scott. Elder Fullmer, is that you?!? I met a few people and families that he spent a lot of time with. It was also really nice to go to Relief Society. The lesson happened to be on President Monson’s talk where he mentions Calgary. The lady giving the talk knew Scott was from there and Alyssa and I got to talk about Calgary and the Stampede.
Sunday afternoon we drove to Boston – I am just going to mention here, I HATE the driving over in New York, New Jersey, Boston, ect. I was scared and on edge the whole time. Not only that, we got lost all the time. Like really lost. We had directions but that didn’t help. Next time, we need to buy another GPS.
Some of the highlights of Boston were …
Herbie – Scott’s favorite person on his mission was this guy named Herbie. He is 76 years old and is almost completely blind now. He wasn’t that bad when Scott was with him on his mission. I forgot o take a picture of Scott and Herbie, so that is upsetting. I loved listening to him talk. His stories are interesting and also incredibly funny. He has such a positive outlook on being blind and I think he helps that he has an amazing sense of humor. I can see why most missionaries love Herbie and still keep in contact with him.
Harvard – We did a free tour of Harvard done by some of the students. The two guys did a great job. They told us interesting facts about different building and the town of Cambridge were Harvard is located.
Duck Tours – This was fun, it is a bus thing that is also a boat. The tour drove past a bunch of history buildings and sites.

US Constitution – This was also a free tour. We got to go on the Old Iron Sides ship.
We ended up back in New York for the last couple of days. The highlights…
Central Park – My sister and dad, got there before us and rented bikes. Scott and I came a bit late and just talked around.
Metropolitan Museum of Art – I didn’t really know what to expect and I was shocked at how much art was in the museum. There was paintings, artifacts, furniture, weapons, naked people, ect.
Dinner – I don’t remember what the place was called, but Scott and I decided that I was our last night in New York City, so we should spoil ourselves. I also over budgeted on food for the trip. We went to this really nice restaurant and I had the best salmon I have ever had in my whole 25 years of living. Well work the $70.00 bill at the end, which also included Cheesecake for dessert.
The last full day in New York we decided to stay in New Jersey. My sister left Friday morning and my dad Friday afternoon. We took the hotel shuttle to the New Jersey Outlet Gardens. There was an amazing selection of outlet malls and we got some good shopping done!
Our flight left at 8am on Saturday and we got back into Calgary at 11am and went out for lunch with Scott’s parents to tell them all about our trip.

Time Square

Alyssa and the M&M Store

The NBC Store

UN Tour

Scott and the Secretary General

The Apple store

Stairs of the Apple Store

Candy Store

Weird Guy on Time Square

Harvard Man

Duck Tours

The Cheesecake Factory

Ironsides Tour

Navy Boat

Pilgrim landmark

Wedding and Race

Busy, busy week and weekend.

Monday - Went to work and then went to a lady in my wards house to babysit her kids, all 6 of them!

Tuesday - I took the day off work and studied for my accounting exam I had. It was a home study class I have been doing over the last few months. The test was downtown at 2 pm and by the time i finished the test and drove home it was time to go visiting teaching. When i got home, i went for a bike ride with a friend.

Wednesday - Went to work and came home and worked on the guest book i was making for my brother and Tami.

Thursday - Went to work and after work went to the nice eyeglasses place and finally picked out a pair of prescription sunglasses that both Scott and i could agree on. Then drove all around town trying to find white picture frames for the wedding on Friday. Basically non-existent. Got home, crying and soaking wet from the rain. I was suppose to go pick up my bother from the airport at 9pm but Scott went by himself instead. I went back out after calling my mom for more ideas on were to find white pictures frames, which end up being Ikea. Then got home and finish up the guest book.

Friday - Got up early and packed for the weekend. Got a phone call from my mom in Lethbridge and they moved the wedding inside (due to the rain) and asked me to print off 6, 8x10 photos of the happy couple. Jeff and I head to Wal-Mart spent an hour printing pictures, came home finally, finished packing and drove to Lethbridge. My brother and Tami got married that afternoon and it was wonderful wedding. So happy to have Tami in the family!!! I will post more pictures when i get them from Tami. But until then, here are 2 of their engagment photos. Leah Karch took them and also took their wedding photos. http://leahkarch.blogspot.com/

That night, Alyssa, Scott and I got back into the Rav and drove 5 hours to Edmonton. Went to bed on Alyssa's couches at 2am!

Saturday - Woke up at 7am, got ready, eat an egg for breakfast and we all hopped in the car and drove downtown to run our first ever 10 km race!!!

Our number 1 fans, Scott and Becky (Alyssa's roommate)!

Lining up...

And we are off!

Coming up to the FINISH line! (And the boys in the pictures are in the 5km race, not the 10km!)

Eating a banana after... they gave you breakfast after.

The results!!! We didn't do that good with our age group, but i am pretty sure all the guys that made it back in about 30 minutes were all our age! I believe they said there was 750 people in the 10 km race. And overall we came in at 366 and 367. Our time was 1:00:57. Our goal was 1 hour, so it was almost perfect!

Sunday - Church, family, yummy sunday dinner and back into the Rav and drove back to Calgary!

Today - Blogging, picking up sunglasses, going to the bank, booking hotels, cleaning house, packing, washing car, finding my misplaced iPod (might be at work) and so much more!

Tomorrow - Off to New York City!


I just booked flights to Phoenix, Arizona! Our trip isn't till February, but we had to book now, to get free tickets (other than taxes) with our aero plan. It is the collage reading week, so not much choice in flights left, but oh well, we are super excited. Scott's parents bought a condo there and are moving all the furniture there this weekend.

12 more days till we leave for New York City!

25th Birthday

When I got home from my class, Scott had a gift (really nice Lululemon bag) and cake for me. Then the next day we left for Sherwood Park to spend the weekend with my family. We celebrated my birthday Saturday night with a BBQ and then my sisters birthday Sunday with Lasagna! Alyssa’s birthday is on the 20th, so we enjoyed 4 days of both being 25 years old. We call ourselves the twinners!

Growing up we use to have our birthdays celebrated together… proof below, but now we refuse and want then separate!

This is the cake I made for my birthday, it is a banana cake with cream cheese icing! Recipe from Kraftcanada.com.

Saturday night Edmonton got a huge wind/hail storm. The whole city, including Sherwood Park basically lost power. My friend Krystal was over when it happened and here is one of the pictures we took of the hail.

Alyssa took these picture of herself. I am sure she is loving that I posted it! The other one is here with the card i made her for her birthday.

We didn’t do too much else, went to the temple, visited Melanie and her little family, went to church, Alyssa and I went for a 6.5 Km run Saturday morning. Alyssa and I only have about 4 more weeks till our 10 km race! Which means just over 4 weeks till we leave for New York as well!! And 4 weeks till me brother and Tami gets married. Can’t wait. August 14 – 28 is going to be a busy and FUN few weeks!
I am trying out that website, photobucket for the first time to see if the photos on the blog look better. I got the instructions here... it is more time consuming... but oh well. Maybe i just don't have the hang of it yet?
*K, so i am posting this part after i originally posted this, I do find this new way to add pictures a bit easier in fact. It is a bit more time consuming at first (since you load to photobucket) but you save time when you add the pictures to the blog. Before you had to drag pictures where you wanted them and this way, you just go into the Html and add the link where you want it in the post. EASY, once you figure it out. I had to use the two links below for two different parts. Luckily between Scott and I we figured it out pretty quickly, but we did have to just do a trial and error to see what worked.
ALSO, Scott and I are in a hunt for a nice camera bag. I want it cute, but Scott doesn’t want it girlie. If anyone knows of any out there, let me know!

I turned 25 on Thursday. I definitely wasn’t looking forward to it, I don’t like getting older. But other than that fact, I did have a good birthday. Holly, my friend from work took me out for lunch and that evening I started a beginner quilting class. It was the first class out of 3 and so far I am really glad I signed up. I will post my finished quilt when it is done! People at work made fun of me when they asked me what I was going that night for my birthday, when I told them about my quilting class they said, your turning 25, not 65!

A Beautiful Day in June

Our first saturday together! (Click on the pictures to get the full effect!)

Never Before

I had something happen to me yesterday that has never happened to me before EVER!

I was at my Thursday’s Bootcamp class. The class is full of about 12 ladies/girls and 1 man. We were doing this hard core circuit and in-between the rounds, we ran suicides. I grew up doing these everyday at basketball practice. Basically you just sprint lines and race each other. Well we only had to do one set between each circuit so we had to go hard. AND I was the fastest women! The only one that beat me was the guy who is like 6 ft tall. A few of the ladies came up to me and said, wow your fast! AND I was like, what? Me? And there you have it friends, never ever before has someone ever told me I was fast. I was always one of the slowest growing up on all the teams I play on and now at almost 25 years old, I was told I was fast!

(I wish this was me!)


Scott quit his job! He did it for many reasons... 1. Just like a lot of other people all over the world, the bad economy was effecting us. The news talks about all the auto maker employees that are hit the hardest with the bad economy but what about the guys who are actually selling the cars? Scott still did amazing considering the lack of people buying cars and also being in school. 2. We decided in September that Scott was going to quit working anyways and considerate only on school. He really wants to get amazing grades this last year to better his chances of getting accepted into a masters program somewhere. 3. Scott hates people. He is sick of sales and all the people that come with it. He is sick of all the dumb people trying to buy cars. Scott has become very anti-social over the last year. Just wants to stay home on the weekends. (Which i cant stand!)

Scott’s dad offered him a job to work for his little company for the rest of the summer. (I currently an the bookkeeper of the little company part time.) Scott seems pretty excited to start working with his Dad again. Him and his dad use to work together before and after this mission. But stopped that business at the end of 2006. Scott, his dad and his uncle will be working at the office in Calgary and all the labor is done in Texas by his other uncle and his few employees.

As for me, I have been keeping myself busy trying to get fit. I do a bootcamp class 3 times a week and then try to run at least 2 times. It is amazing how my endurance has gotten 100% better just from all these bootcamp classes and also running outside a few times a week. I am yet to lose any weight which makes me frustrated, but at least i can run 4km without stopping. Now i just have to be able to run 10km by August 15! I went and bought one of those GPS running watches to help me train. Going to use it for the first time tonight, so hopefully i like it.

I was just reading my previous post and wanted to comment on my calling in my new ward. I had said I was soooo excited to be released from Primary. Well guess what calling i got in the new ward, Primary Teacher! I was very upset, but i obviously said I would do it. The class i was asked to teach are the 6 turning 7 and 7s turning 8. All together there is 12 kids but two are inactive. And well so far i will have to admit i love my class. I love the fact these kids can read and can pay attention longer. I also told myself i would try hard to enjoy the class that i went out and bought these Sunday Saver books. They give you activities and games for each week. Those have been amazing and the kids love them too! If anyone is teaching Jr. Primary out there and want some fun activities, let me know!

I wish I had pictures to add… but since Scott will be home more and even more exciting he will be home SATURDAYS now (I am so happy about this one, been just over 2 years since we have had a Saturday together) we will do go places and do stuff and therefore take more pictures! This is the only one I had! Scott is addicted to Diet Coke. Has been as long as I have known him. He goes through phases when he is really addicted and this last few months has been bad! Safeway had these on sale, 3 for $11, so I bought the guy 3 cases. He was so excited when he brought them in from my Rav.

5 New Things with the Fullmer Family

1. We got moved to a new ward! In the south of Calgary they re-arranged the 4 wards around us and added a new one and we were part of the new ward. I was very excited to get released from my Primary calling, I really needed a change. It is sad to leave some friends behind but a lot of our friends also came with us to our new ward, so overall I am happy for the change.

2. We got asked to sub the CTR5 and CTR6 class in our new ward for 2 weeks till they find teachers. I use to teach the CTR5 class, so I didn’t mind, just as long as it is only temporary. So we get to Primary on our first Sunday and the counselor guy who asked us to sub forgot to get a Sunbeams sub (so we took that class too). SO in total Scott and I had 19 kids in our class. But by the time we got to the class time, we were down to 16 kids (don’t know what happened to 3 of them). And we also gained a 17 month old boy in the middle of our class as well. So that was interesting Sunday.

3. Scott is done his second last year of school!!

4. I am training for a 10K race in August. I will be running it with my sister and her roommates. The race is in Edmonton just a few days before we head to New York!

5. Scott and I are hoping to be able to move to Vancouver in 2 years. We would be there for 2 years and are so excited. Scott just needs to get accepted into the program he wants. One of his professor told him he would write him a reference letter and make a phone call and Scott just needs to keeps his grades up or even get even better. Then we hope and pray that he gets accepted... but this is still a ways down the road but fun to think about!

My Newest Purchase

In my previous post showing my new crafty projects I mentioned that I try not to shop anymore and trying to save money for New York. Haha, well a couple days after that post I went shopping! I couldn't help it, I have been eyeing this clock that I saw in the House and Home magazine. I finally went to Restoration Hardware after work on Thursday and bought it. It was an even better match then I had hoped. I justified buying it because we haven't had a clock in the bedroom for over a year and have been waking up to my cell phone. Now I have a pretty alarm clock!

Look how cute it is!

The lamp was a great find from Home Sense, the shade was $5 from Zellers. The little vase is from Pottery Barn and it all matches my pok-a-dot sheets from Pottery Barn.

I have been so good not buying too much for the house since I quit working at Pottery Barn in the summer. And Pottery Barn is not too close to my house (about 20-25 minutes away). But Restoration is like 5 minutes from my work and 10 minutes from my home. It is a good thing Crate and Barrel opens after my NY trip, because it is going in at the same mall as Restoration!

I added these last few pictures of my bedroom, i took them a while ago, but everything other than the clock is the same. I love my dot sheets. They are pretty kiddish, but i don't care.

The shelves on the wall are where those 2 crafty projects are from my previous post are located (the F and the picture frame).

And yes my room is really small. I cant fit a normal dresser in the room... only this tall square lingerie dresser (they are really called a lingerie dresser, i don't just call it that because of what i keep in it.)

Dinner Calendar

My goal ever since I got married was to learn how to cook better. But that really wasn't the problem, my goal should have been planning meals better. I lack a plan when it comes to dinner. I went to this RS stake thing a month ago and this lady taught this great class about family meal planning. She was an amazing organized mom. She had plenty of great tips, but the one that i took from it was a calendar for your monthly meal planning. SO i designed one for myself. This is my first week at planning, but i am doing so good... very proud of myself. And most of all Scott is amazed!

Here is the plan planner i created. I just put it on my fridge.

Close up...
The calendar is just laminated and i use these planning markers that come off with water.

A few things other things she mentioned with her weekly meal planning was; every week she had a seafood dinner, chicken dinner, vegetarian dinner (she said this saves money), ect. She also said that in the summer, ever Fridays is fruit salad and fresh bread dinner. And winter is homemade soup and fresh bread Fridays.
I love chicken, so that will be one meal a week, one will be beef (Scott likes beef), one will be vegetarian and one fish. And there will be left over days as well, since it is just Scott and I. Maybe when i am home with a baby one day, i will try the fresh beard Fridays!

QUESTION: Anyone with a MAC, do you know who to make the pictures you attach, link to a bigger page when clicked on? Mine wont go bigger if clicked on them. If i add pictures of my work PC they go bigger... but not with my MAC. HELP!

Nothing New

My visiting teachers came over this morning (who are awesome ladies by the way) and we got talking about our blogs... and i realized that i haven't updated it for a while. But nothing is exciting in our lives right now... so here is just a post of what i have been up to in my spare time. As most of you know I love decorating but we are trying to save up for New York this summer (which will be excited), so i have stopped buying new things and have attempted to try and update the old. These are my newest crafty projects....

Scott had this F in his room before we got married, so i made sure he brought it with him, when he moved in (other than his clothes, this was the only thing i think he bought). It use to be black, so i painted it white and added some blue paper to match our bedroom. I will admit, i messed up on the gluing of the paper the first time, so this is the second attempt.

I found this quote when we first got married and i wanted to add it to our bedroom in a cute way, at first i just put it in a frame, but a few weeks ago i decided to scrapbook it in a frame. It is also blue to match our bedroom.

This project i finished today. It is a pin board for my scrapbook room/office. I bought a cheap $30 mirror from ikea, took out the glass, bought cork from Michael's (with a 40% off coupon), mounted it on the cardboard the frame came in and covered with left over fabric from my apron. Now I just need to go and get some cute push pins.
This frame matches my other wire stuff in my scrapbook room perfectly. It was a great find. The wall color in the above picture is way off, as you can see from these pictures below, but i was too lazy to take it again.
Here is the apron i just mentioned, i got my friend to make me it around Christmas. I also got her to make one for my mother-in-law's Christmas present, but hers in blue flowers with strips instead of the dots. (All Amy Bulter fabric.) The picture isn't the best, but Scott is at work and i had no one to take the picture.

Well uploaded my pictures just now i found this one that Scott took of me. I remember him taking it and saying it was his favorite so far (he always takes pictures of me when I am sitting at my computer... he LOVES to bug me) but I never looked at it. I was busy focusing on working. I think the main reason he liked this picture so much was it had two of his favorite things in it. Me of course and a great shot of an apple computer.
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