Ever Feel Like Your To Do List Is This LONG?

I have a busy week this week; I’m sure like most people. I typed a very detailed to do list while at work yesterday and printed it on a legal size paper. I WAS feeling pretty good about getting everything done in time for the church Christmas party this Saturday.. until Scott on the way home from work decided to throw a little curve ball at me. He told me that on Wednesday he is headed to Saskatoon for a managers meeting and will be coming back late Thursday night. I took a deep breath and realized it wasn’t his fault, but now I’m not sure how I am going to get everything done in time!
Hopefully little Boston can do what he did last night and go to bed at 7:45 with no fuss and no sadness every night this week. Expect for the night I will have to drag the little guy out in the cold and deliver turkeys to all the ladies that volunteer to cook.
I’m not complaining I actually really like my calling. We moved to Regina and had no friends, it has been a really nice calling to get to know some people in the ward. I just don’t handle stress well; I’m super exhausted and have pimples all over my face. 
I decided to go with center piece no. 2! Thank you for all your suggestions and comments on my other blog!

Christmas Centre Pieces

I need your help! I am trying to come up with an inexpensive DIY centre piece for my church christmas party. I am borrowing these great vintage canning jars from a friend and trying to come up with a filler for the inside. I did the christmas party last year, so i am reusing the green branches and bought new berries this year. The centre piece last year wasn't see through and a tad smaller, so i am stuck on ideas. I have also tried, ornaments inside, but those either don't look nice or they don't fit. I also have thought about popcorn, but Boston isn't fully sleeping yet and i don't want to wake him.

What is everyones pick? Or take your favourite and make adjustments. Or trust tell me to scratch these and start all over again!

The one that looks like ice is water and saran wrap. Thanks Liam for the idea!

And also what should i put the jar on? The stripes in the first few pictures were from last year and the red dots are a napkin. But open to any cheap idea.

I should mention the party is Saturday and i am busy doing a lot of other things for the party plus going to work every day. Please suggest nothing time consuming ;)

Blog Thoughts

Who ever thought that i would have time to have two blogs, because i dont! I havent blogged on my other blog for months (but i did today). Anyways, i was just thinking, what should i do...

1. Just use the blog "scotty and tara"... even though we arent just scott and tara anymore.
2. Juse use the blog "the striped box" and add everything into the one.
3. Start fresh and do a fullmer family type blog.

What are your thoughts? You my friends out there, are you guys still into blogging and reading friends blogs? I know I got way to busy to read stranger blogs and go to only friends and then pinterest.

Let me know!

A Service Exchange

I organized a service exchange for our Relief Society activity last night. As many of you ladies know, when you organize an event you want people to actually show up! At 5 minutes to 7, there was no one at the church but me. At 4 minutes to 7, one lady showed up and then about 10 minutes after 7, 17 more ladies showed up! I even got a thumb up from the Relief Society President regarding the turn out. I personally am just happy at least one person showed up!

I know many of you know what a service exchange is, but for those of you who don’t know, here is what the invite said.

You are invited to a service exchange party
Wednesday, November 23, 7:00 pm at the church
Think of a service, any service, whether it is baking a pie, sewing, knitting a scarf,
cleaning, babysitting or organizing a kitchen.  Next write your service, your name and
phone number on a piece of paper and place into an envelope.
Finally, bring your envelope to our Relief Society party!

We then played Chinese gift exchange (or white elephant) to exchange the services. We had tons of different services offered from; fudge, knitting a scarf, gift wrapping, cookies, cinnamon buns, canned peaches & jams, decorating consultant, 3 hours of cleaning, hair cuts for the whole family (a lady with 3 boys and 2 girls happily got this), homemade cards, pies, canvas picture craft, and the list goes on! And what did I exchange; well I gave away the 2 hours of organizing service and received, a night of babysitting! I’m so excited! I really want to go see the new Twilight movie or maybe i should use it for the night my work has its christmas party.

Our ward was having a fast for a lady in the ward last night, so the RS presidency didn’t want to offer refreshments. Instead they asked me to make take home refreshments. I had no time to bake or really do anything huge, so simple store bought caramel popcorn it was.

I found the cute printable here.

We also did an optional cookie exchange at the end of the service exchange. As of Sunday we had 12 ladies signed up. But by yesterday only 8 ladies participated. But that is fine with me considering I am trying to lose weight, not gain it!

I made these yummy cookies. Honestly, yummy!

And on a side note, if you can tell by my picture of the popcorn, my laundry room has become my little do it room. Since our kitchen has no counter space and my desk is in the living room and Boston can climb up on it, I had to find another space for me.  My laundry room has become this space.  I cool cookies, do crafts, store items, take pictures, etc, on the washer and dryer! I even moved most of my little craft items and stationary into the laundry room. Oh how I cant wait for a day when I can have a “office” with a door!

Pain x2

Pain #1 - I need to eat better and then my dumb body will improve its health. I am lucky to have a lot of traits from my mom’s side, but unfortunately I also have a few traits that I am not so fortunate to have. One of which caused me pain when I was 15… After a year of pain the doctors finally found out I had gall stones and I had my gallbladder removed. My mom had hers removed too and so did a few other people in her family.

Now 11 years later that one little non existent gallbladder is causing my problems again! I guess they don’t remove the ducts and the ducts can still cause stones or mucus and pain. 5 months ago I had major pain for a few days, went to the doctor at a walk in clinic and he said, you have gas. Had it again this weekend, felt like I was in labour, literally! Went to the ER, they said, you have gall stones. I said, but I don’t have a gall bladder! Spent about 15 hours in the hospital (they sent me home to sleep and then come back in the morning) and almost 24 hours after the level 10 pain was gone and I was only at about a level 3, they finally got me into an ultrasound and found nothing. I felt like such a loser at that point. I wasted so many peoples time for nothing! My only thoughts are, 1. They missed it, or 2. I passed it, or 3. It is something else (and no it isn't gas).

This was my weekend and the worst part was Scott’s parents came to visit. I felt like I ruined their trip, but really I think they came to see Boston and they got tons of quality time with him. He was one happy boy all weekend.

Boston at Burger King with his grandparents. I guess he was really putting on a show and the manager gave him a free ice cream!
I don’t eat terrible; I guess I am just more likely to have a bad reaction to foods than most people. I am happy that I know it is my “gallbladder” causing my pains. I needed something to really kick my butt into gear and get healthy. I have lost 9 pounds in 5 weeks, I joined weight watchers again with a girl from work. Still have about 15 pounds to go till all my clothes will fit me again and anything more than that will be even better.

Funny picture Scott sent me on Sunday while i was waiting for the ultrasound.
Pain # 2 - Boston had his 18 months shots last week. The highlights from the experience are:

We met another Boston at the clinic. He was 5.

The nurse asked us if Boston runs, builds blocks, etc. Then she asked us if he says “NO”. I was like, actually he doesn’t say no. Then she got a worried look on her face and was like, does he say anything? We mentioned something’s he says and she changed her expression to surprised and said, wow, barely any kids come here and hasn’t picked up, no. I didn’t tell her it is because our child is so well behaved we don’t have to ever use the word no, haha, Yah RIGHT!

The nurse told us we can feed our child ice cream! He refuses milk since we took away the bottle about 2 months ago and since he is in the 35% in weight and just over 50% in height, she said, ice cream was a good way to get calcium into him and also fat.

He cried and cried the next morning (his shots were at 6pm that night before). I texted my child care lady at lunch to see how he was doing and she said "Actually he was pretty happy/hyper all morning". Then i responded, "either the Tylenol helped or he likes you better!" 

This week was a week that i really wished we lived somewhere with family. Our daycare lady was sick Wednesday and Thursday. Talk about stressful trying to find someone to watch Boston at like 7 in the morning. We never found anyone on Wednesday, Scott and i split the day and then luckily a friend who has helped us out before, watched him Thursday. He had so much fun playing at her house and with her two kids. Here is Boston making Gingerbread cookies at her house. Nena said he just wanted to eat the dough, definitely got that from his father.

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