Finally Pictures

We are surviving! Life in Regina is good. We are so busy right now with school for Scott and any spare time i have i am busy working at my part time job. Boston barely gives me any spare time, it seems like he doesn't sleep as much as i read babies should. 
Any one have any thoughts? He has a good nap in the morning but lacks a good nap in the afternoon. You would think that would mean he wants to go to bed early but most nights he wont go to bed till 11pm. Any thoughts, any suggestions??!!
We are slowly getting our place together. Here are some pictures of what the place looked like when we first moved in. (Sorry some of the pictures are terrible but it was so humid in the apartment when we got here because they had just cleaned the carpets.)

We went for an afternoon walk today. We have lived her for a few weeks and still haven't taken a walk to the nice lake up the street. I promised my mom i would take a cute picture of Boston wearing this shirt (for those of you who don't know, my maiden name is Woolley).

My Thoughts on Regina and our apartment after Week 1

The drive was better than expected; I was told it was boring and flat. I was surprised that I thought it was pretty and relaxing. But maybe after a few times back and forth my views on the drive will change.

Regina is bigger than I thought.

Regina has decent shopping. The two good things about the shopping is everything I need is right next to each other and not too far from where we live.

The University is a short walk away. Scott took us for a walk their on Saturday to see it and get all his books he needed. 

Scott got 5 books for his Masters program on Saturday and the price of all of them was the same as just one book he would have bought for his degree.

The place we are living in is okay… I said I would rather live here because it is bigger than our condo was, but Scott said he would rather live back in the condo because it is nicer (way nicer).

Scott is surprised about how good the MPA program. He comes home after class and cant stop talking about it.

We hate not having a dishwasher.

I love having no hallway to our apartment. Our door goes straight outside. 

I don’t like that when I open some of the cupboards, all I can smell is cigarette smoke.

Church here was okay. Nothing too exciting but happy to say at least 4 ladies are really nice!

They think Boston has a big head here, well at least one lady at church told me he did.

We get high speed internet on Friday! I will post pictures then… until then, I am enjoying this free slow internet provided to Regina by the government!
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