A Week In the Sun

I love the sun, I love shopping and I love vacations! Our week off was great, it had its downs, which mostly only included the flying. I have learned never do transfer flights, especially with Scott! But the transfer flights were all that was left when I booked this trip back in August. But we got there and we got home and no more complaining or even talking about the flights, K Scott ;)

We shopped a lot (not all is for us, mostly baby)…

We drove around in this…

The car rental guys said they have never seen a VW Bug as a car rental and look at all the room it didn’t have!

We went to visit Scott’s missionary companion Mark, his wife Cami and their daughter Brooklyn. (It was darker in the house and the picture didn't turn out good, i was using my mini video camera to take the picture and Brooklyn was ready for bed!)

I hit 28 weeks (taken just outside the door of the Fullmer's condo)!

This is what happens to bananas when you leave them out since October… wanted to show Ruth this one!

Ruth's Christmas present from Scott and I, looks good (we bought her the Relax sign and put it up)!

As seen on Oprah… Chipotle Grill, yummy!

Scott liked this sign, posted at Chipotle Grill.

Thursday we took a drive out to the country. It was pretty and different from what we are use to in Alberta.

Cant wait to go back!

What happens when you put an iPod through the washer?

Take a nice ipod touch... somehow put it in the already sorted laundry basket (Scott did this)...
Not notice is when you put the load of darks into the washer this morning (I did this)...

And this is what happens...

iPod dent and of course not turning on (hard to see but dented in the middle on the bottom)!

Pieces broken off the washer and broken washer!

Holes in the clothes because they were ripping across the broken washer!

This was our great start to our Sunday morning before church... but at least we are headed off to Arizona tomorrow and don't have to deal with the broken washer for a week!


Did anyone watch the Dugger’s Special on TLC Sunday night? I cried though the last 30 minutes when I saw the baby come out. It was just so tiny and the exact age my little guy is right now inside of me (25 weeks). It broke my heart watching it try to breath and watching the little chest move up and down way too fast. It was unbelievable to think that is what my baby looks like right now, same size, same everything.

Here is a clip from TLC, but it doesn't actually show much compared to the episode. I wish Scott was home Sunday night to see it, instead, I just sat on the couch all by myself and then called my mom (since I know she watched it too).


I am glad my baby is still inside of me and hope it stays there until May!

The next day, my extra channels were cut on my Telus tv... sadly no more TLC and Womens network for me and no more Fox news and CNN for Scott. The things we have to sacrifice for this unborn child :)

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