Regina Beach

We spent the afternoon at Regina Beach, about 30 minutes away. It took Boston a good 30 minutes to touch the sand and about an hour to stand in it. Little guy hated the feeling of sand between his toes.

Swimming In Our New Pool

Nothing exciting, just haven't shared a video for my family in a while.

MY Shoe's

Another picture of Boston and shoes. Scott took this picture from his iPhone and played with the settings on instagram.

Chicken Enchilada's

I made Scott's favourite Chicken Enchilada's for dinner tonight. We had the missionaries over and it seems we only make them when we have guest or when we are at my mom and dad's, its too big of meal for just the three of us.

I'm open to trying more recipes, leave me a link if you have another really good enchilada recipe!

If you are interested in making the recipe i linked above. Here is a few things i do differently.
1. I add a whole tub of cream-cheese and no cheddar cheese in the mixture.
2. I do like to add the can of green chilies but because its not the cheapest thing, I lately just add more cilantro. 
3. I normally use whole wheat tortillas, but white tastes better, so sometimes i go all out and buy white!
4. I add more salsa in the mixture than it calls for, since i added more cream-cheese than i was suppose to I need to equal it out.
5. And since i add more salsa and cream-cheese than i should, i add a bit more chicken too!

Happy Birthday Alyssa

Today is my sisters birthday! Sad we were not there to celebrate. But to show how much I loved her, I went and got a pedicure with 5 ladies at work!

Happy Boy with his toys

I took a picture of Boston today thinking this would be a perfect picture for my sibblings. Why they might ask... well Alyssa gave Boston the dog, Mike and Tami gave him the other toy and my mom bought Boston the outfit in Ontario with the help of his cousin Nathan. Boston has always loved both of these toys. He loves pulling them along and the sounds and music they make. Lately he loves to pull along both at the same time!


Scott took this picture of Boston's hair. I cut it right after.. it was getting pretty crazy, so much hair at the bottom and not much on top.

Off to Church


27 Years Old

Happy Birthday to me! Scott got up early and made us French Toast (he was making up for me having to tell him, it was my birthday the night before) :)
He then went to a class he had till noon. Boston had a good nap in the morning which was a nice gift to me and I was alone for 2 hours! After Scott got home we went on a hunt for cupcakes. Basically impossible in this town. After we found some, we went for lunch at the mall and shopping. Boston was pretty funny, he was good until i went into a change room and then we had to take him out the the stroller to get him quiet and that was a huge mistake. Boston went crazy... running around the mall. Running in the stores, in the hallways, riping things off shelves. We were those parents, you know the ones you see in the mall and secretly look and think, Why cant they control their child?!?
I took a picture of B in this hat, I thought it was very cute on him but need to wait for it to go on sale at the Gap.
We left after I finished up getting what we went for and Boston fall asleep the moment we put him in the car. Guess he wore himself out with all the running.
After the mall we went back home and I went out by myself to pick up a mirror at Home Sense from my parents for my birthday gift. I also did a few other window shopping including lusting over this deck box i want from JYSK. Wouldn't it be so cute with a bunch cushion on the top with all of Boston's out door toys inside!? And Painted a fun summer color?! I just don't want to spend that much on one....

We finished off my birthday with my favorite pizza, Pango Chicken Taco and cupcakes. I sure hope this is the last birthday I will have to spend NOT with my "twin" sister (we are twin for 4 days till Alyssa's birthday on the 20th) and my family.

Car Accident

Nothing crazy happened... after work I went to fabricland. An old lady came inside and asks the front desk if they can ask the customers if anyone has a White Rav4. I was at the desk paying so I said, I do. She was like; my husband hit your car. I finished paying; we went out to the car. I asked as we were walking how bad it was and she said not bad (she was right). She said her husband hit the gas instead of the brake. Anyways, not too much damage on the cars... theirs was worse then mine. The hood was bent, bumper dented and the light broken. Scott thinks on ours the back bumper and the spare tire wheel will all need to be replaced (can’t tell by the pictures the damage). The couple were so cute. The old man was pretty shaken up, didn’t get out of the car. I saw him trying to dial the police to see if we had to get a police man (neither of us had really been in an accident before) and his hands were shaking. I told him I would call. After they told us just go down and report the accident to SGI, I wrote down both our information and we went on our way.

New Toy

New favorite toy, the vacuum attachments.

Package for Boston

Boston received a package in the mail from Grandma Fullmer. He was so happy to see all the cute new clothes and bubbles! His cousin Ethan sent him some of his old church clothes too. We love having an older fashionable cousin to borrow clothes from!

Batman Hard At Work

I Told You He Likes Shoes

Bangs and a Hair Cut

I always have bangs but I decided to get way more. I just wanted them thicker. Boston hated them ;)
My hair dresser also taught me how to curl my hair with a straightener, seems way easier than a curling iron.... now I just need to try to do it myself!

Shopping Cart Fail

I have decided that shopping carts and Boston just don't get along. I see all the other kids sitting so perfectly in the carts enjoying the outing but not Boston. It is a huge struggle to get him to sit still in the cart. With that said... I have TWO fail stories to share!

Fail #1 - About a month ago, Boston and I were strolling down the aisle of Super Walmart. He likes to scream... scream a lot. I was trying to play games with him like peek a boo as much as I could to keep him entertained and quiet. At one point I was tired of keeping him quiet, that I was letting his scream for a few seconds as I looked at something on a shelf. Finally I looked down at him to tell him to stop yelling only to see that Boston had managed to shift the seat belt up around his NECK! I quickly undid the seat belt and told him about the boy who cried wolf, but I don't think he understood the moral of the story.

Fail #2 - On Saturday, Scott, Boston and I were all at Superstore. Boston was doing okay at sitting still with the two of us there. The check out line was very long. I got Scott to go into line as I went and grabbed the last couple of items. When I got back, Boston stood up in the cart (might I add that Superstore's carts don't have belts) and I grab him and held him for a few minutes till it was our turn to load the groceries. I put him back in the cart and let Scott watch him as I headed to the other end of the cart to load the food. Let me add that Scott started to read a magazine at some point. I was unloading the cart when I heard gasp behind me. I turned around to see Boston had managed to put both his legs into one of the holes where you should only have one leg and had slid down the hole of the cart. The only thing that stopped him from falling to the ground has his big head. Boston was literally hanging from his neck! Scott grabs Boston feet to prevent him from falling any more and I grabbed his head and pulled him back up. Oh the looks and shocked faces around... I can still picture them now. Before you judge too much, Boston didn't even cry, wasn't hurt, no bruises!

Maybe Boston knows how unsafe shopping carts really are? Maybe he is just one smart kid and knows the danger that his parents keep putting him in?? Or maybe I just have a child that won't sit still?!


Boston learned how to say shoe. He loves putting on our shoes and trying to walk around the house. Thus, decided to pick SHOE as his next word. 

Late Night Trip

We had Boston all ready for bed and he decided he wasn't ready. Wide awake, so we went to Super Walmart!

Miss These Two Girls

These two adorable girls are my friend Liam's girls (I have shown pictures of them before!) I went over one night before they moved and the girls and I had so much fun with my iPhone. We took about 10 videos and 20 pictures! I think Liam was getting a bit frustrated with our loudness... she made us shut it down :)
And it was dark and I didn't have the flash on, so the pictures didn't turn out that great.

Picture By Scott

I love this picture Scott took of Boston and me. He zoomed in on Boston and took out me (which i am happy about). This is the current picture on my computer at work so i can see Boston every minute!

Money Jar Update

Here is the good and the bad after our first month ATTEMPTING money jars...

 1. First time we left to go to the grocery store to buy food with the cash, we were almost at Superstore and I realized I forgot the jar. Had to turn around and go back home.

2. Wasn't quite 2 full weeks on the jars and scott took his visa back and said he needed it for emergencies. That night he told me he used the visa to buy a diet coke. Didn't realize coke was an emergency :)

3. Using baby food jars, wasnt the best idea. They fit the bills perfectly but add in some change and then the bills are too tall for the jars. Also the paint is chipping... I throw the jar into my purse and too many things are rubbing up against the jars and chipping the paint. I'm assuming I should have primed the lids before I spray painted them yellow?

4. Start of week 4 on the jars and we ran out of money. I took my debt card back and started using that again :(

TODAY is a new MONTH! Money is in the jars and ready for a very successful month! I'm also going to be on the search for a new jar idea. I can use large baby food jars, but I was saving those for spice jars and I'm afraid even if I prime the lids firsts, they will still chip. I could use just simple plastic zip lock bags or envelopes. Any ideas?
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