Family Time

Once a year the whole "Woolley" gang are able to be together for a little family reunion! My brother Jeff and his family live in Ontario so when they make it to Sherwood Park for a visit I can't wait to go home too. This year seemed like a great visit and the summer time is the perfect time to be at my parent's house. They have such a cute relaxing backyard. Jeff and Kristi were even able to come to Calgary for a evening on their way to Edmonton to take Scott and I out for dinner. I love my family!

The whole family
Kristi got this great picture of our husbands.
My dad and Katelyn.

My Parent's Backyard

My sister-in-law Kristi has a great SLR digital camera. I couldn't help stealing it for a bit and taking pictures of my parents beautiful backyard. I had tons of fun trying out all the cool settings. Scott, I want one for Christmas, please!

Alyssa's tasty garden.

The pond.

How Long Has It Been???

According to the date on the previous blog (which was "having fun and being dumb")... it has been.... 1 year and 4 months since I lasted blogged anything. Some of you have given up on me I know, but I am here to assure you that I AM BACK! I am thanking a few friends for their ongoing blog efforts that have kept me interested in blogging. I think Vinnie's blog is my biggest inspiration... I love all the extras, i am going to learn now to make those cool headers!
Now some of you might think... okay so where you been this last year? Well I will be honest and say, right here, same place where I left! Nothing really has changed much. Scott and I work... and work... oh and Scott also goes to school too!
So why haven't I blogged anything... well, I think my life is pretty boring! No babies, no fun trips, just Scott and me working!
But I did quit my one part time job at Pottery Barn to give me more “Tara time”, so maybe that will inspire me to keep this blog up to date! I still have 2 more jobs, but working at Pottery Barn was taking up about 14 hours of my week… plus all the driving time!

Here are some just some random pictures of the last year. There isn’t many… once again, we don’t really have an exciting life, but I am sure that will all change one day when we have a little family! I changed the posted date on a few so they would fit into around the right time frame.

Canada Day 2008

Canada was a special day for Scott. My mom suggested that I take Scott to the Legislative Building since they are open for tours to the public only on Canada day. Since Scott wants to run for some kind of elected government position in the future, I knew he would enjoy it. My sister, Scott and I headed to the leg building. 
We were a little early till the doors opened at noon, but we stood at the front waiting. Soon enough the line up started and my sister made sure she was bossy and stayed in the front of the line... well good for my sister!! We where chosen to have a PERSONAL tour with some guy that has a position that Scott knows and he was in Heaven. Alyssa and I just laughed as we watched Scott in total excitement. We got to even tour the main legislation chamber room even before they let anyone else in. Scott also got this hard cover book presented to him on the building!

Scott bought me a Car ~ June 2008

Well... I claim to have bought it myself, but then again, if he sells enough cars a month at his work, the payments are FREE! So I guess we both bought it!

I love my new car! It is a 2008 Limited Rav4 in Blizzard Pearl!! Very pretty! I got rid of my unsafe 1999 Hyundai Accent and have now upgraded to a pretty car that we cant technically afford :)

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