25th Birthday

When I got home from my class, Scott had a gift (really nice Lululemon bag) and cake for me. Then the next day we left for Sherwood Park to spend the weekend with my family. We celebrated my birthday Saturday night with a BBQ and then my sisters birthday Sunday with Lasagna! Alyssa’s birthday is on the 20th, so we enjoyed 4 days of both being 25 years old. We call ourselves the twinners!

Growing up we use to have our birthdays celebrated together… proof below, but now we refuse and want then separate!

This is the cake I made for my birthday, it is a banana cake with cream cheese icing! Recipe from Kraftcanada.com.

Saturday night Edmonton got a huge wind/hail storm. The whole city, including Sherwood Park basically lost power. My friend Krystal was over when it happened and here is one of the pictures we took of the hail.

Alyssa took these picture of herself. I am sure she is loving that I posted it! The other one is here with the card i made her for her birthday.

We didn’t do too much else, went to the temple, visited Melanie and her little family, went to church, Alyssa and I went for a 6.5 Km run Saturday morning. Alyssa and I only have about 4 more weeks till our 10 km race! Which means just over 4 weeks till we leave for New York as well!! And 4 weeks till me brother and Tami gets married. Can’t wait. August 14 – 28 is going to be a busy and FUN few weeks!
I am trying out that website, photobucket for the first time to see if the photos on the blog look better. I got the instructions here... it is more time consuming... but oh well. Maybe i just don't have the hang of it yet?
*K, so i am posting this part after i originally posted this, I do find this new way to add pictures a bit easier in fact. It is a bit more time consuming at first (since you load to photobucket) but you save time when you add the pictures to the blog. Before you had to drag pictures where you wanted them and this way, you just go into the Html and add the link where you want it in the post. EASY, once you figure it out. I had to use the two links below for two different parts. Luckily between Scott and I we figured it out pretty quickly, but we did have to just do a trial and error to see what worked.
ALSO, Scott and I are in a hunt for a nice camera bag. I want it cute, but Scott doesn’t want it girlie. If anyone knows of any out there, let me know!

I turned 25 on Thursday. I definitely wasn’t looking forward to it, I don’t like getting older. But other than that fact, I did have a good birthday. Holly, my friend from work took me out for lunch and that evening I started a beginner quilting class. It was the first class out of 3 and so far I am really glad I signed up. I will post my finished quilt when it is done! People at work made fun of me when they asked me what I was going that night for my birthday, when I told them about my quilting class they said, your turning 25, not 65!

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