New Chair

I noticed that Boston started to make his own "chairs" around the house lately with random objects and toys. I realized we are lacking good comfortable seating for Boston and went to the dollarstore and bought Boston his own chair. Now he carries it around with him where ever he goes. Our little dare devil decided that the best place for his chair is on the coffee table... not quite the location i had intended it to stay.

And yes the chair has fallen off the table with Boston tumbling after... but no lesson was learned!

Happy 5 Years

Scott and I had our 5 year wedding anniversary on Thursday! Wow, 5 years seems like a long time. But at the same time, it feels we have been together and through so much that I can't believe it has only been 5 years!

I chose this picture to post as a memory, kind of a cheese picture, but it's cute. You can see the professional photos here.

To celebrate, my friend from work came over to babysit and Scott and I went to a really nice restaurant called The Creek. After we went to chapters! Haha, real romantic I know! We weren't the only couple thinking Chapters. We ran into our bishop and his wife who were also celebrating their wedding anniversary of 12 years. 

We didn't plan to spend any money on gifts, but we both ended up getting each other something. Scott bought me earrings and nail polish, which lately i always seem to have my finger and toe nails painted something funky. So very fitting gift. I decided that I didn't want to spend any money (since we don't have any) and did an idea like this.

It was actually pretty fun to do. Since we have Boston to take care of (and little money), we do stay in a lot and really don't mind, but we are boring and when Boston goes to bed, we basically watch tv or play on our computers/phones. For this reason, I thought of 12 stay at home dates! I didn't go all out and include everything I needed for each date into the envelopes but I did wrote up 12 date nights and simple descriptions and placed in each monthly envelope.

I found a few dating websites, but The Dating Divas had the best ideas for what I was looking for. I'm not going to post the 12 date nights I picked, don't want to spoil the dates for Scott. I will try and remember to post about them after each month.

Happy Birthday Scott

Scott turned 28 on Wednesday. He requested pizza and home made Oreo cookies. All great choices. Boston went a little crazy over the pizza. After he finished his plate, he went into the kitchen, pulled the pizza box off the counter and once the pizza fell to the floor, picked up a piece and ran into the living room one happy guy.

Scott was surprised at his collection of gifts. I am assuming since we live far from our family he thought that he wasn't getting much. But my family and his parents would never have forgotten about him! It is fun having a little person in the house now, makes birthdays and opening gifts more special and entertaining.

Scott scored a new book to teach Boston Steve Jobs best quotes, a winter dress coat, $50 cash to spend on something special (like me), mini eggs, $50 iTunes gift card, A&F sweatpants and A&F cable knit sweater!

Happy Birthday Scott, we love you!

Gingerbread Apartment

Last night our little family made our first ever gingerbread house. I thought since Boston has never lived in a house, only apartments, that we should make a gingerbread apartment!

Boston like all kids, was more interested in eating the candy than anything. The marshmallows and smarties were his favorite.

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