New Car Seat

After months and countless trips to the store, we finally bought Boston a big boy car seat. He obviously is still in rear facing but he is way happier because he can see better out the window and also see us better through his mirror.
This was from our drive to Calgary from Edmonton. For more than an hour of the trip Boston read his books to him self. Pointing and talking as he flipped the pages. What a big kids we have. Amazing how fast they grow up!

Happy Easter

Easter Decor at my mom's!

Easter Basket & Easter Fun

I hide the basket behind that column. He found it right away!

Easter at the Sherwood Park Mall


My purchases after a shopping trip to the hardware store with my dad! Can't wait to start crafting!

Party #2

I invited two close friends over and their families for a tiny little party for Boston.
Aunt Alyssa helping Boston blow up his candle!

Clock for Baby Boston's Room

I took this cheap clock from IKEA.

And these three products (plus a few other items).

And created this!

What I did.
1. I primed the clock.
2. Painted it blue.
3. Added a layer of Mod Podge to add shine.
4. Took a piece of scrapbook paper and lined the back of the clock. It was the same paper I used here
5. Used my cricut and vinyl to cut out brown numbers. 
6. Painted the hands of the clock brown.
7. Put it all back together.

Still trying to work at this random wall... the rectangles are bulletin boards. Anyone have any suggestions to make this random wall look better? Maybe more pictures and only one board?

A little side note from what I learned from the clock makeover...
I tired using fabric at first to line the back of the clock. The same fabric that is his bedding. 

But because I had to wrap the fabric around a piece of cardboard to give it stability (see picture below), it made the insert too thick that the clock hands would not rotate properly. I even tried cutting out the majority of the cardboard but that didn't make a difference.

But it the end, it was a good choice to go with the paper. The clock will last a lot longer in the room past when this bedding is no longer in use.

Home Sweet Home

Arrived safely at my parents! First day of our 3 week vacation!

Boston's Birthday!

Boston's First Party! Scott, Boston and I were all in attendance! We bought the cupcakes from Sobeys... YUMMY!
Note to parents out there.... don't feed a one year old a whole cupcake. Bloating, grumpy and late bedtime will occur!

Baby Room Bookcase

I lined the back of Boston's bookcase with coordinating fabric that matches his bedding and accent pillow here. I love how it turned out. I didn't want to do anything to bold considering we will be moving in a year and who knows where the bookcase will end up. The fabric is a very small print and hard to capture on a camera especially when I don't know how to take good pictures yet... so sorry for the bad after picture.

After (still need to do a little more accessorizing)
Close up on the fabric
To line the back of the bookcase, I took the back off the IKEA Billy bookcase (see below for another idea)With the help of my husband, I would use spray adhesive and spray a section of the board and then smoothed the fabric along the board. Once completed, I flipped the board around and using duct tape, stretched and taped the fabric to the back of the board. Since it was midnight when all of this was happening, I waited for morning before I nailed the board back into place.

On The Nate Show one day, Nate cut out a piece of cardboard for each section of the bookcase. He then covered the cardboard with fabric and just inserted the cardboard into the bookcase fitting tightly in the back. This method would be perfect for any built-in bookcases.

Instead of fabric, you could also use wrapping paper or wallpaper. My our old place, this bookcase was in our spare room before we had a baby. I lined it with wrapping paper. This was the only picture I could find of my hard work. The room was a mess... I can tell from the picture that we were getting ready for the baby because that big box in the right of the picture is the crib.

More of Boston's room coming later this week.

One Of Those Sundays

Boston and his friend Jordan
It was one of those Sunday....
- Boston fall asleep about 45 minutes before we had to leave for church, I debated missing church to let him sleep but instead we woke him up and were only 10 minutes late.
- We were in Sunday school and Scott says to me, Boston just peed on me.
- We leave to go change Boston, he comes back missing his onesie and his pants.
- I feed Boston his bottle... with in 10 minutes he throws up all over Scott and Boston's sweater. Now Boston only has socks, a dress shirt and his tie (shoes already came off in Sacrament).
- I knew I wouldn't... I mean Boston wouldn't last through Relief Society, so we hang out in the hallway with his friend Jordan and his mommy.
- Since Boston didn't have pants on he didn't want to crawl on the carpet. He has never liked the carpet in the front entrance of the church (its pretty rough). See little video below for how he got around.
- Later that night, Boston knocked over Scott's pop all over the carpet. It was pretty funny, i was video skyping with my family, so they got to see the damage.
- About 15 minutes later, Boston threw Scott's glass against the fireplace and it shattered.
- Right after the glass breaking, it was bath, bottle and right to bed!! Boston was too tired from only napping for 45 minutes.

Boston and the Couch

Boston's most favorite toy right now is the couch and the cushions. He loves to hide in them, throw them on the floor and climb all over them.
I think he falls off the couch due to his new obsession about 4 times a day, if he is having a good day only 1 of those 4 times he ends up hurt enough that he cries. 
The rest of the time, he exits the couch using his perfected swan dive!


B decided to climb up here and have a rest.. the day was just getting too hard for him




I'm a little behind on this but I just signed up for Pinterest! WHERE have you been my whole life. I love that I can file everything in one place and not having 1 million things spread out between my desktop, my computer folders, my phone, my email! Plus I can follow other people and repin things I like.
I'm just getting started but here is my direct link to my board (leave me a comment with your user name if you have an account).

Sign up people!

I had a pretty productive day but the highlight of my day was the following video. I just finished feeding my son and sat down to have dinner on the couch all alone (my hubby was at school cramming for an exam tonight)

Loving some Lamp

Boston's current favourite hangout
I've removed almost everything at his level, but now with no effort he can climb onto the couch and then onto the side table.. does this mean I need to remove my side table too?? Also his other danger fact is he gets off the couch head first. I can't seem to teach him how to go down feet first. Any suggestions?


Our weekly Sunday skype with my sister (and normally my parents)!

**Yes I like to make funny/ugly faces!


Playing as we wait for our dinner at Chili's

Stroller Climb

Scott had left for school and I was in the other room. After a minute, I thought, k where's Boston?
He had climbed into his stroller and see that bar that he is holding, well he was standing on that and his hands were holding his balance against the closet doors. I obviously took him down right away and didn't get a picture of him in the act. I'm going to say it once again, what is this kid going to be like when he can walk??

Spring Walk

On our first Spring walk... picking Daddy up from school


Boston took the lid of his snacks and was soooo happy to see endless portions on the floor for his enjoyment!

The video is boring, I just wanted to show my family this crazy 1 year old!

Crib and Teeth

Boston now wakes up at 5:45 every morning. He went from never waking up before 8 to 5:45AM!! It makes me mad... any thoughts on how to correct this problem. AND if I just try to ignore him, this happens. For all you ladies out there without kids yet, don't get an expensive crib, go to ikea and get one of theres.... the crib will just get damaged my the child! (For the record my crib wasn't that expensive and I do love it, but it could have been fun to buy a cheap ikea crib and paint it a fun color?!)


Watching Conference on the iPad

File Room

Boston loves to empty everything (which I'm sure all kids do) but my biggest panic was when he figured out my filing drawers! I couldn't even imagine the damage this could kid would do to my over the top filing job! I would cry... needless to say, this area is blocked off by chairs, a decorative screen, drawers and a kitchen table! My office/craft area is really our dining area... so there is no door. I really want a door!


Little Bunny Boston.... in Dollarama!

Easter Decor and April 1st

It's April 1st, which means its April fools day! I thought about jokes I could play on my husband but nothing tasteful came to my mind. Mostly everything involved pretending Boston was hurt... really hurt.

April 1st also means, only 1 week left and Scott is done this semester :) He only has 3 more classes of his masters which are all this spring/summer but randomly through out May-August. I can't even hide my excitement. I just counted, 7 straight weeks of having Scott home before the school stress starts again!
April does bring some bad as of April 19th, I am done receiving maternity leave pay from the government. I need to go get a job...
Back to the good April 1st brings, I finally felt comfortable (there is still a few feet of snow on the ground) putting out my easter wreath my mom bought me a few years ago.
I also added a few simple spring decor around the house. I am planning to do a few more spring crafts/decor to add to the mix. I have 7 weeks to craft while Boston can be watched by his daddy... kidding(??), I really need to go get a job and not craft for 7 weeks straight (but crafting sounds way more fun that job hunting, right?).
The subway art on my table is from Eighteen25.

Happy Spring!
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