Boston's Somersault and a Swear Word

Listen closely to what he says right after he does the somersault!

Day Care Update

Boston is loving his day care (home). After I put his shoes on in the morning, he walks right up to the door and when I open the door he climbs down and starts walking (stops a little to play). He walks right to Erin's door and when she opens the door he climbs right into her house. I love how quickly he adjusted. It has made going back to work stress free. 
Boston gets up soon after I get up in the morning, sometimes before. He cant handle staying in his crib when he hears us. He wants all the time he can have before we go to work.
Erin sent me a few pictures of Boston and her little girl Eva who is 3.5 months younger than Boston. Right now she only has Boston but is interviewing for more kids. I am hoping her gets a boy a year or two older than Boston for him to play with because Boston just loves older kids. Erin said Eva and Boston get along pretty good, but like most kids, they have their moments!

Not sure why Boston has no shirt on... haha!

Good Morning

Fun Day

Erin my day care lady called me Tuesday morning and she and her daughter had the flu. It was 6 in the morning and I didn't know what to do. My friend Nena watched Boston another time for me so I texted her knowing she would be up doing papers. Luckily she is the nicest lady in the word and watched Boston for me! She took this picture of Boston and texted it to me. He had so much fun at her house with her two kids. They even went to the park for a play date! Thanks Nena!!

Random Thoughts

1. Boston this last couple of weeks picked up a sentence! I am so proud of my boy. His sentence is... What's That?! He point's at everything and says, What's That? Haha.

2. Last Sunday we had some friends over for dinner. Boston has this small stuffy he has never plays with, I gave it to the little boy to play with and Boston took it right out of his hands. He then put it up to his shoulder, gave it the biggest hug and smiled the biggest smile. Acted like it was his favourite toy ever! I have a little brat on my hands, haha!

3. We are trying to teach Boston to eat with a fork. I put it off so long because our living/dining room is carpeted. It has been a huge mess and I knew once I started, he will never let me feed him again... I was right and our carpet is a mess! (I know you can get mat for under the high chair, but every time I go looking for one, i can never find one.)

4. Boston and I are going to Ontario at the end of the month to visit my brother and his family. We can't wait, Boston is so excited to meet his cousins and Uncle and Aunt. My sister is also going too. Any tips on surviving a 3 hour plane ride with a 16 month old?!?!
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