Summer 2007 ~ Trip to the Oregon Coast

Scott wanted this picture... take a look at our KM... over 1000 on 1 tank of gas!

We ate here twice, the food was good and the cheesecake was amazing!

Showing off my freakles!

My hubby!

Having fun and being dumb

Scott and i have been really busy with work and school lately... In other words we haven't posted anything for a long time.
Scott started a new job on Thursday selling cars at Heniger Toyota! He is really excited and after the first day of work came home and told me it was the best day of his life! (so if you need a new car, come visit him) The other sales people are shocked at how much he knows about cars! (and i am sure they are scared that he is going to be WAY better than them!)
I have just been working at Colt like always and going to school a couple times a week at nights to finish up my interior decorating certificate. I only have a few more classes left and i will be done in June so i am looking forward to having time after work to do anything i want!
Here is some random pictures we took a week or so ago. Just being dumb and having fun with ourselves.

tara getting in trouble... like always

Scott LOVES his car and doesnt like it ever getting dirty! SO... when I seem to bring a BIT of snow or mud into the car he gives me these.... EVIL looks!! The pictures explain it all!

our LITTLE honeymoon in Banff

After visiting my parent's in Sherwood Park for New Years, Scott and i went to Banff for a few days before we had to go back to work and school.

We stayed at a nice hotel and just did the tourist kind of things around town. It was a beautiful couple of days with tons of fresh snow!

Things about us!

I thought that since not everyone knows both of us as much as the other, I decided to post some information about what we have done and what we are doing in our lives.
First Scott, He grew up in Calgary and has 3 younger sisters. One is married with a cute little baby named Kate. Her husband was one of our groomsmen's. Scott is 23 years old and is going to school to get a degree in Political Science. He still has a lot more years left (well I think it is a lot, but I guess only 2 years). He went on a mission to Boston and he still sometimes pulls out the accent that came with living in Boston. His dream is to become the prime minister of Canada one day... or at least a politician of some sorts! He really likes cars and drives a pretty nice Jetta, which I think he should give me :) Scott also has a red hot smoking wife... named Tara! I grew up in Sherwood Park (just outside of Edmonton) and I have 2 older brothers, who both are married and a sister that is just 1 year older than me. My oldest brother has 2 little girls and 1 boy! I have been working at an engineering company for the last 2 and a half years and I have been taking night classes in Interior Decorating.
We live in the southwest of Calgary, in a condo that I bought a few years ago. I had to wait till it was built and just moved into it in April 2006. Scott and I had just begun to date seriously around then and he helped me move in and basically became my 3rd roommate (that didn't stay over at nights and also didn't pay rent!) SO that is Scott and i in a few minutes :)

Our Photographers Photo's

Christmas 2006

This was our first christmas tree! I suprised Tara with it for an early christmas present a few days after we got married. We put up all the ornaments together that night and hung the stockings (with care).... on the coffee table!

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