Having fun and being dumb

Scott and i have been really busy with work and school lately... In other words we haven't posted anything for a long time.
Scott started a new job on Thursday selling cars at Heniger Toyota! He is really excited and after the first day of work came home and told me it was the best day of his life! (so if you need a new car, come visit him) The other sales people are shocked at how much he knows about cars! (and i am sure they are scared that he is going to be WAY better than them!)
I have just been working at Colt like always and going to school a couple times a week at nights to finish up my interior decorating certificate. I only have a few more classes left and i will be done in June so i am looking forward to having time after work to do anything i want!
Here is some random pictures we took a week or so ago. Just being dumb and having fun with ourselves.

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