Thankful Thursday

Today i am thankful for my condo building and that fact it wasn't the one on fire in Calgary today.

Check out this link...

I think this really hit home and i started crying watching the news. Millrise is just one community over from my community and the buildings are almost exactly the same. The only difference is mine is 1 year older and only 3 floors and this one is 4. But i do believe they are the same builder and shaped like mine. I couldn't even think what i would do or feel if this happened to us. My heart goes out to anyone that has been involved in a fire. It is just sooo sad!

On a happier note, i am also 32 weeks. I took these pictures on Monday after my sister reminded me it was the 15th of March and I am due the 15th of May... exactly 2 months left! And no my belly button has not popped, that is just a crease in my shirt.

People keep asking me if i am ready for baby to come and honestly, is anyone ever really ready? K, maybe people are more ready than i am right now. I am missing a lot of important baby items and also missing a lot of important information (which i plan to start learning Wednesday as my prenatal classes start). Oh well... I am taking 2 days off at the beginning of April and enjoying a 5 day weekend. I am planning on sewing a bunch of baby blankets and also start to organize baby clothes.
The baby bedding i want is on order and can take up to 10 more weeks. But the cushions to my rocking chair are at my friends house right now being recovered! I also want to paint the babies room so bad, anyone that knows me knows, i love color and decorating but we don't know 100% if we are going to be here in September and I don't want to paint if we are moving. We wont hear back from the schools till another month or more.
So am i ready, NO, but a few of the reason are out of my control. We are just keeping busy. Scott is focusing on his last classes and also applying for tons of internships for May. He has to do one to complete his degree. Scott also was called to teach seminary 3 days a week at 6:30 in the morning. He started when we got back from Arizona. He seems to be enjoying it, i just hope the youth are enjoying him!
I am just going to work and when i get home and on weekends i de-junk and organize. I am thankful for Scott's sister Amanda as she is letting us store a bunch of boxes at her house that use to be in the spare room.

Happy Thankful Thursday!
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