Moving Back Home

It has been almost 8 years since I left Edmonton and I am happy that I am finally moving back home. Scott has been on the job hunt for months now in Alberta and he finally decided to apply for an internship. He was hesitant because he is just finishing one up here in Regina. Kind of feels like he is done with them, but after some thought, he realized that doing the internship might be his best hope at getting into the Government of Alberta. He was told that 100% of the interns that wanted to stayed with the government after these internships are over, did.

I think after we left Calgary to move to Regina, we always said we would return to Calgary for we do love it there and Scott's family is there. But Scott decided that the provincial government is where he wanted to be and the provincial government jobs are mostly all in Edmonton. Made it a pretty easy decision on where we would end up and I can’t help but be happy with his decision since that is where my family is.

We are busy organizing our plans and cancelling our life over here. We plan on packing the U-Haul on April 28 (if anyone wants to come help). Our last day at our current jobs is April 27. My mom is flying out here on April 24 to help pack and mostly watch Boston (for my daycare ladies last day is April 20). Oh and cant forget the Relief Society dinner my committee and I are planning for April 25. It is going to be a very busy next few weeks, very stressful and a lot of crying I'm sure. I cried 2 times this morning, all before 8am! But on a good note, right in the mix of all the busy, on April 23, I have my ultrasound AND Boston turns 2 on April 19!

Our plans are to stay with my parents in Sherwood Park until we find a place to live. Scott's job doesn't start will May 14, so we have 2 week to figure out where we want to live and also find me a job! But I think I am going to really have a hard time finding a job... who wants to hire a pregnant lady for only 4 months?!?! BUT I really need a job in order to ensure I get full EI and we really need the money! The internship doesnt pay near as much as we need.

Well wish us luck!

One Odd Child

I found this picture on my camera I took back in March and I thought I should share. 

What a tongue! 

Happy Easter

We took easter very low key at our house this year. Mostly because we decided not to go home for the weekend. We debated cooking a nice easter dinner of ham and hash brown casserole, but in the end we bought frozen chicken lasagne from Costco and cooked that up! We have been watching Scott's favourite Easter movie, The Ten Commandments. Still got another half hour or so left.

Boston did have the easter bunny stop by! He was pretty excited. Luckily the easter bunny left some footprints behind and Boston was able to find his basket hiding under the computer desk.

The easter bunny knew Boston isn't a huge fan of treats, so he packed his basket full of other fun stuff. He got sidewalk chalk, those things you put in water and they grow, bunny ears, spiderman tattoos, the very hungry caterpillar book and one chocolate treat.

The best part of the morning was when Boston was done looking at his basket, he put everything back inside and put the basket right back under the desk where he found it. Then he picked up all the bunny foot prints and threw them in the garbage.

Updated Necklace Holder

It's been awhile since I shared any home decor type posts, so today I thought I would share a project I did a while back.

I posted in January 2011 this post about my necklace holder. It worked for a while in the beginning but when Boston started being a "boy" it didn't function the way I wanted it too.

For starters, it needed to be higher, way higher. He would pull on the necklaces and then pop off the pins. Scary enough... in the mouth went the pins (luckily no pins were swallowed).

The next issue didn't have anything to do with Boston, but I found as I purchased more necklaces, I didn't have anymore room and the board started to look crowded.

Back to the drawing board I went. When my dad was here for Thanksgiving, I got him to help me fix up my frame. I added one double wire across the top and another one towards the bottom. Creating two different levels for my necklaces.

I am loving this way better! Now the issue with Boston isn't full fixed. He still loved my necklaces and and broken too many while I am wearing them. Maybe this year Boston will get me a few new ones for Mother's Day (hint hint).

If you are wondering what I do with my other jewellery, I found these cute bowls from West Elm about a year ago (and my lovely mother-in-law brought them back from Arizona for me). I don't own a lot of bracelets and earrings, and with that said, these bowls are perfect for me. One for bracelets and one for earrings. Boston loves to take down the bowl with the bracelets and try them all on. I really hope he never breaks the bowl, I would probably cry!

How do you organize your jewellery? A few ladies at work were asking me for ideas. There are tons on Pinterest, but which ones do you use and find susccessful?

Meal Planner

I thought I would share my favorite free meal planner I use and love. I have tried many... I have made my own and even purchased some. But in the end the one from The Project Girl is my favorite. It is a weekly meal plan with a grocery list at the bottom.
If your interested you can go here to download a free PDF copy for yourself.

For years I used this one on and off. I made it about 3 years ago. It is laminated, which allowed me to use dry erase markers on it. But in the end, I came to realized I am not a one month ahead meal planner type of girl (oddly enough I love to plan my schedule and life months and some times years in advance).

My goal for the future is to take my recipe binder I created 6 or so years ago and turn it into a Fullmer family favorite recipe binder instead of pages and pages of recipes I've never tried. I love Pinterest as many of your do too and I am proud of myself for actually trying almost one new recipe a week! Sometimes even two, if I make a dessert on the weekends!

What do you guys use for a meal planner?

How about when you find a favorite recipe, do you save it into a binder, type it up on your computer, write in on index cards??
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