Boston Hartley Fullmer

Boston arrived Monday, April 19th at 3:55am. We where shocked that he decided to come 4 weeks early but i was also relieved because he was on his way to being a larger baby! They were even sending me for an ultrasound that Wednesday to see the size of the baby because i was measuring 2 weeks bigger and had been for a while. Also the fact i was a 10 lb baby, the doctors knew i was worried.

My labour story...
All weekend i was joking with my sister and parents (who where in town helping me get everything left on my list for baby), that she needed to help me start labour... thinking that maybe if we went for a long walk I would get things going and the baby would come in a week (after the following saturday because Scott had an exam on April 24th). We never did go on a walk but i did go into labour...
Sunday afternoon Scott was looking at my belly and said look, you have stretch marks! I looked and after 8 months of nothing, over night i had major stretch marks all over the bottom half of my belly! I was so shocked and asked my sister and she didn't remember seeing them at all that weekend. I thought this was so odd but didn't think at all that maybe the baby dropped suddenly and caused these stretch marks!
That Sunday my family left after church and we went over to Scott's parents house for dinner. We left around 10pm and when i went to bed at 10:30 i remember thinking i felt a bit of pressure down there but didn't think anything of it. I remember waking up a few times and thinking, i feel like i have a cramp but went right back to sleep. I finally got out of bed at 12:30 and went to the bathroom thinking my cramp was because i had to pee. But the cramps were a different type of cramp and then i had another "sign" of labour when i went to the bathroom and thought back to the day because i had another "sign" which i had pushed that one off because it could have been anything. Scott was up doing his seminary lesson still and i told him something was wrong. We played around with the idea that nothing was wrong but finally decided to call Health Link. The lady said, well since you are only 36 weeks, having cramps and also had a tiny bit of bleeding, she told me to go to the hospital. I wasn't packed yet but did have a list, so i grabbed a bunch of stuff as we took our time going.
I was having contractions but was too busy getting ready to time them. I would mentally time them and think that they were not consistent and must be braxton hicks and started to feel dumb doing to the hospital. On the way, i started to time them using the clock on the dashboard and scott was too. After 5 minutes he would look at me and i would look at him and i would say, k, yes i am having another one. At this point we knew they were consistent and 5 minutes apart.
We got to the hospital after 2am and they hooked me up to see if i was contracting. The nurse did tell me that they could just be indigestion or braxton hicks. The nurse came back and said well you are definitely contracting. She left and came back and said the doctor is on the way.
By this time my contractions were getting stronger. Once the doctor arrived she check to see if my water had broke and then she said after this contraction she would she how dilated i was. She left the room and i turned to Scott and said, if i am only like 2 centimetres dilated i am getting an epidural, this hurts! At this point, i wasn't sure i wanted one. My doctor came back and checked me and said, well your 9 centimetres!
The rushed me off to delivery and the doctor sat down to finish breaking my water (guess it had already started) and by then i was 10 centimetres and time to push. I pushed and Boston arrived at 3:55 am completely healthy and perfect!

Going Home after 2 long nights and 3 long days.

We had to go get some light treatment because Boston had high levels of Jaundice. He spent 13 hours in the tanning bed a week after he was born.

Welcome to our family Boston!
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