18 Months

Our baby is all grown up now. It just amazes me how fast they grow. Before you know it they are little boys! 

Boston doesn't say many real words, he use to say a whole bunch but hasn't really used them since he learned his new language (babynese). The few words he says still are: Button, Mom, Dad, shoes, What's That, Right There.

He started folding his arms, something we didn't even teach him. He folds his arms for prayers, doesn't always keep them folded, but gets the point.

I took him off the bottle, but now he refuses milk. Been 1 whole week without milk. We have a very stuborn little guy on our hands.

He loves to play dress up. I'm glad no one every stops by for a visit, because it would be embarrassing. He dresses up in mostly my underwear.

He has just caught on to singing.

When we take him to daycare in the morning, he walks right into Erin's house, gives us a smile and shuts the door before we can even say goodbye.

Gives the nicest, most amazing kisses and hugs.

Loves books.

Loves to dance. His favourite artists are: Katy Perry and Brittany Spears. Scott says our child has terrible taste in music.

If he sees a step, or a curb, he sits on it.

Loves the iPad.

Started jumping off furniture.

Here is our little man on his first day of nursery!

Wascana Lake

While my family was in town at Thanksgiving we went down to the legistative building and took a walk. Here are a few pictures from our walk. We tried to do a few cute family photos on the bench, but my lovely sister who was taking the pictures, didn't tell me that was fat was hanging all over the place and the pictures look terrible. Haha! In other words, I cropped me out of the last picture.

Boston's Cousins

When my family came to town, my sister brought me the pictures from our Ontario photo shoot of the grandkids for my mom. It was almost impossible to get a good picture with all 4 kids, especially with my child! Luckily my sister in law is amazing and captured a few.

Can't wait for the next time these 4 are together.

On Their Way

I am excited… my parents are on their way to Regina right now. And to make it even better, my sister is flying here tomorrow. They are spending the weekend with us, to enjoy the Thanksgiving!
Thanks everyone for your nice encouraging comments on my last post. I am going to try and be happy and enjoy what I do have, even if it isn’t ideal.
Here are a few pictures from daycare of the little boy that does make me happy.
This little boy is Liam, he is a girl I work with little boy. He is just a few months younger than Boston. He came into the dayhome for a few days while his was closed. Don't they just look so happy to be friends!
His hair is really looking red in the sun lately.

Typical Boston!

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