5 New Things with the Fullmer Family

1. We got moved to a new ward! In the south of Calgary they re-arranged the 4 wards around us and added a new one and we were part of the new ward. I was very excited to get released from my Primary calling, I really needed a change. It is sad to leave some friends behind but a lot of our friends also came with us to our new ward, so overall I am happy for the change.

2. We got asked to sub the CTR5 and CTR6 class in our new ward for 2 weeks till they find teachers. I use to teach the CTR5 class, so I didn’t mind, just as long as it is only temporary. So we get to Primary on our first Sunday and the counselor guy who asked us to sub forgot to get a Sunbeams sub (so we took that class too). SO in total Scott and I had 19 kids in our class. But by the time we got to the class time, we were down to 16 kids (don’t know what happened to 3 of them). And we also gained a 17 month old boy in the middle of our class as well. So that was interesting Sunday.

3. Scott is done his second last year of school!!

4. I am training for a 10K race in August. I will be running it with my sister and her roommates. The race is in Edmonton just a few days before we head to New York!

5. Scott and I are hoping to be able to move to Vancouver in 2 years. We would be there for 2 years and are so excited. Scott just needs to get accepted into the program he wants. One of his professor told him he would write him a reference letter and make a phone call and Scott just needs to keeps his grades up or even get even better. Then we hope and pray that he gets accepted... but this is still a ways down the road but fun to think about!
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