Being a Mom Sucked

I had my first moment as a mom when i didn't enjoy it! I know there will be plenty more of these moments especially since Boston is only 6 months old.

It all happened on the way back from Edmonton a couple of days ago. The flight to Edmonton was completely fine. Nothing too drastic happened, BUT on the way back to Regina that was a different story.

Everything was going fine, my parents came into the airport with me, helped me check in and then we had a nice lunch. We said our goodbyes and i proceeded to go though customs. The guy told me to break down the stroller and put it on the track thing to go under the scanner.

I told him it wouldn't fit and he said it will. A nice lady behind me offered to hold Boston and i folded down the stroller and lifted it on the table. Sure enough, it didn't fit! The guy was so confused on what to do! He stood there for a few seconds thinking. Finally i said, i can take off the wheels and then it will fit BUT they are a pain and hard to put back on! He thought about it, but hopefully got my "Don't make me take them off" tone. He called someone over, they told me to put it back up and they will go through it manually. I told the guy, that is what they did at the Regina airport! I was about to walk though the body scanner thing with Boston and the guy i had been dealing with said, you need to take off your sweater and the babies sweater. Okay... took off the sweaters.

I then got called over to the person checking the bags that didn't pass the scanner thing. He started to go thought my bag... one item at a time. I had some liquids in there i forgot about (baby lotion, unopened baby food). Then the lady checking over my stroller came up to me and said, this was suppose to go on the track scanner thing (it was my baby bjorn). She then walked it to the front of the line and put it in the bucket. Finally they let me go!
I was fluster at this point, sat down at my gate and checked my phone for the time. Had enough time to change baby and then pre-board with the other 7 babies on my flight. As i was walking to the bathroom, i heard this lady calling and i turned around and this lady said, you dropped this when you got up. WOW THANKS LADY! It was my iPhone! Glad i didn't loose that!

Got on the airplane, sat down, Boston started crying, a few people commented and was really nice and said, don't worry we have all been there. Baby had some food. Baby was happy. About 30 minutes into the flight, he started to freak out. Freak out like he normally never does. I cant do anything to make him happy. Finally he calmed down by me signing softly into ear and him watching the tv on the seat. Okay... good. Did i mention that i was sitting mostly all by business men. The guy next to me was super nice, had tons of kids and grandkids. Talked to him and his business partner a few times. Oh and luckily no one was in the middle seat. I was at the window and he was at the aisle. About 10 minutes before we landed Boston freaked out again. I thought the first time was bad, but this was even worse. I didn't know what to do. Nothing helped. I wanted to cry.

This whole time, the other 7 babies on the flight didn't make a single sound!

When we landed, he just started to fuss but stopped screaming. Everyone was getting up to wait to get off and this lady came over to me and offered to hold Boston. I gladly gave him up! She was nice and told me don't worry about it. She carried him off the plane for me and handed him off when i got to my stroller.

Okay... its all over i thought. NOPE!

Regina airport is small, i think one plane lands every couple hours. I phoned Scott once i got to the baggage area wondering were he was. He was a good 10 minutes away. At this point a tear finally came. The bags started to come, i put Boston in the stroller and he screamed! Everyone once again looked at me and knew now the faces to the annoyance on the plane. One lady came up to me and asked me how i was doing! I was like.... ummmm okay? She was super nice and encouraging and said how she told her husband on the plane, i should go hold the baby, wait, i should go hold the mother! (But seatbelt sign was on almost the whole flight.) We both laughed and said, well i wont see any of these people again.

I was holding Boston, pushing the stroller and trying to push the baggage cart. I waited till the area had almost cleared and started loading our bags and car seat. Pushed both items towards the front doors, while holding Boston and waited. Scott finally came, told me he had walked up and down the airport a few times but didn't see us. I was mad, didn't talk to him for the whole ride home. (The ride is only 10 minutes.)

Here is Boston on his first plane ride. I obviously didn't get any pictures on his second plane ride.

But don't worry, I still love being a mom!


We had the missionaries over for dinner last night. I loved baking so i decided to make a dessert.

Doesn't it look yummy!
Unfortunately we never had a chance to partake of this goodness...

I was so sad. Not only was it a waste of money but i broke the glass dish too! There was a plus side of dropping it on the floor, i saved myself eating all those extra calories i obliviously don't need.

The funny thing is, this wasn't the first time i dropped a pie/cake on the floor. I made this yummy cheesecake back many years ago for my roommates.

Maybe i should stay away from making cakes and pies????

A Semi-Unhappy Post

The other day Scott and I were trying to write the little "about us" thing on the right side of the blog. It took us forever because Scott said everything i would write sounded depressing!
That inspired me to write a depressing post ;)

What I miss about Calgary:
1. Seeing family (Scott's parents once a week and mine a couple times a month) and Friends
2. My Job (I honestly miss working)
3. Evergreen Ward
4. My calling (I know I said I couldn't wait to get out of primary... it was almost 4 years, but I miss my primary ladies and knowing what calling they asked me to do, i am scared)
5. The home decor shopping (so far all i can find here is Home Sense and Walmart) Online shopping here i come!
6. Hanging out with my husband (he hasn't been coming home till 11pm every night)
7. Color on my walls
8. Boston's best friend and his mommy
I know this post is depressing but knowing me, in one years time i will write a post that says, what i am going to miss about Regina!

On a plus side, i see a lot of free time in my future and i have a large list of projects i want to accomplish. Some include:
1. Finish the quilt i started making right before i got pregnant and never found the time to finish it
2. Learn photoshop
3. Scrapbook (haven't done it for over 5 years but still love to buy paper)
4. Do a digital family history scrapbook
5. Figure out something i can do from home to make money (other than the bookkeeping i am already doing)
6. Lose the 30lbs i have gained since we got married almost 4 years ago

AAAAA feel good to write a semi-unhappy post!

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