Boston's 2nd Birthday

Our little baby turned 2 (like forever ago, but I'm playing catch up)!

Scott had a work/school function the night of his birthday (April 19), so we took Boston out for dinner Wednesday night to Montana's. 

Boston loved every minute of our little evening.  I made cupcakes for Boston and we finished off the night with cake and candles! I made 24 cupcakes, 1 for every month since he was born! Haha, okay not really, the package I had in the cupboard made 24 cupcakes (since there are only 3 of us, we gave most of them away).

Boston was one lucky guy and got to celebrated two more times after we moved back to Alberta, once with my family and then with Scott's. Scott's mom and sister put together a cute little monster themed party for Boston and his cousins! It was such a nice surprise.

Happy Birthday Boston! We love you!

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Allison said...

What a cute kid!

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