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I thought this blog needed a little update on our life. It has been now 3 months since we moved from Regina to start a new adventure in Edmonton. Our plan was to moved in with my parents in Sherwood Park till we found a place to live. We did and we are still living there! 

We went out with a realtor right away and looked at a few homes. We also searched day and night on MLS. We were not terribly impressed with our selection for what we could afford and decided to hit up a bunch of show homes to see if anyone had any spec homes (duplex's) being built (homes already started but all the finishing already chosen in other words, we cant change a thing). We found one we liked that was ready at the end of July. PERFECT! But after we signed all the papers I freaked out and decided there was too many things I didn't like about the main floor and we ended up switching to another spec home they had (same builder, same area) that had a tad better layout for a family with little kids, like a mud room (you park in the back so having slidding door that run right into a kitchen table threw me off of this layout). But it was a huge pro/con kind of deccision. The one we didnt buy had a better lot, was cheaper, had a tad nicer finishings like white quartz countertops. BUT the one we did buy came with a deck, landscaping and a garage. Here are the links to the layouts and showhome pictures of the two.

One we bought

One we almost bought

The major downfall of the one we did buy was it wasn't ready till September/October. I am was being highly optimistic and thought for sure it would be ready mid-September, but every time we drive past the house, I cry and think... okay maybe early October?!? Baby is due September 8, which means we will for sure be having the baby while at my parents. Which is fine, I just feel for the other 3 people living there (my mom, dad and my sister). Babies cry a lot, new mom's cry a lot. It should be fun ;)

I am mostly just excited to have a basement. I have waited 6 years of being married to have a place with a basement! This is no where near my dream home, but since we barely approved from a mortgage, this will be fine for now. Scott is excited, it is pretty modern finishings which is what he loves. I personally wanted and tried to find a place with white cupboards but it was impossible. Seriously impossible. No one had them! But yet they are very popular right now, all over all the decor magazines... weird. Like I said, one day i can have my dream home.

On to our next topic, work... my awesome brother called me before we moved and told me to send him my resume because the accounting firm he worked at needed an executive assistant! Luckily for me they were having a hard time finding a replacement for the girl going on maternity leave in May and my brother mentioned me. I started a week after we moved and I love the change. I have always worked for engineering companies before. They have a new lady starting tomorrow that will be my replacement. They did hire someone else to replace me about a month ago, but that went south (they fired her after a few weeks).

Scott is loving his job. He is working for the Ministry of Health in Senior's Health. I am going to toot his horn a little here and say that on the first day, when all the interns were having their starting meetings he found out that they hired 26 out of 400 applicants! We had to laugh though, because most of the other 26 men and women were from high end schools all over Canada. And then there was Scott... from the University of Regina!

Boston. What to say here, well he is growing up! He is loving life, loving all the attention. He basically has attention 24/7 with 5 adults living in one household. We are happy that his speech is getting better, but still worried because he is still very behind. But having my mom and sister work with him all day has really helped (my sister is a speech therapist assistant). My mom and sister watch Boston while Scott and I are at work. My sister is in summer school, but helps my mom out when she can. Boston LOVES going for walks with Alyssa. She pushes him in the stroller while she runs. Boston has also enjoyed a few trips to Calgary to play with his cousins. He especially gets along so well with his little cousin Ethan who is 2 years older than him.

We tell Boston that he is going to be a big brother and he now loves to hug my belly and read books on being a big brother. Lets just hope this excitement continues when the baby arrives.

Check back soon, I have a bunch more posts left in order to get caught up!


Allison said...

Yay! I'm so excited for blog updates, and for your new place and for your new baby, and that Boston is excited to be a big brother! So much is going on, no wonder you haven't blogged, you've been a busy girl!

becca olsen said...

Tara! I think we are going to be neighbours soon! :) We just moved to summerside too!

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