Everett Truman Fullmer

My baby just turned 1 month yesterday! I thought it would be a good time to finally do a blog post! Here is Everett's birth story, better late than never.

Everett Truman Fullmer was born Thursday, August 23, 2012 just after midnight. He weighted in at 6 lbs 11 oz and was about 2 1/2 weeks early.

Since Boston was born 4 weeks early I hadn't really experienced the final month of pregnancy, it definitely was a new experience. He dropped around 36 weeks, right before i finished work and boy was I uncomfortable. My last day of work was the Friday before he was born. I had 5 full days off of work (including the weekend) to enjoy my time before i became a mother of two. I was hoping for a little more time to enjoy life and Boston but you cant choose when these little ones decide to come.

On Wednesday just before 5pm I started to feel little cramps, but they were very inconstant. I had the same kind of pains about a week and a half earlier so i didn't think much about them. It was my turn to cook dinner that night so Boston and I started to cook. The pains were still there, getting a little more painful but nothing too crazy. Around 6 pm I texted Scott who was on his way home from work and told him that I was having these pains and then admitted it to my mom shortly after that. After dinner Scott took Boston to the park and I told him to keep his phone close by as the pains were getting closer and more painful.  At this point I started to time the contractions, packed my hospital bag and got some last minute stuff done. Boston and Scott came back from the park and got Boston ready for bed. Finally sometime around 8:30 I stopped story time and told Scott that we had to go. I had some major contractions and they were coming every 3-4 minutes. My mom took over bedtime and we left for the Grey Nuns hospital, first filling up for gas. We arrived after 9:30 pm and got checked into a delivery room for all the assessment rooms were full. After a while on the monitor they told me it I was in labour and called my doctor. The pain was getting crazy intense at this point.  They checked me and I was only 4-5 cm. I was really disappointed, when i was first checked with Boston I was 9 cm and i guess i was expecting the same thing. I asked the nurse my pain medication options but didn't go with anything at that point. I decided to try the shower for a few friends loved it for pain management. But I didnt last long for i hated it. I got back into bed and asked again about pain medications especially the epidural. I was hating the pain, I just didn't remember it being that bad the first time (I also wasn't in labour long the first time). There was no break, just straight contraction after contraction. I remember asking the nurse if there should be a break in between the contractions?! I finally gave in and said i wanted an epidural. My nurse said she would get everything ready but would have to check me first to see how dilated i was. I was now 9 cm. I thought to myself, OKAY, i am almost done! Guess i don't need one and said never mind. I was NOT almost done. The pain came on stronger than ever and still no break. The nurses switched and i didn't even look at my new nurse till it was time to push. I was just rolled over on my side with my eyes closed squishing Scott's hand. Finally after what seemed like an hour or two (but really i have no idea the time frame), i started to freakout because i really had to push. My doctor came back in and I did my first push while saying I couldn't do this, i didn't want to do this and I don't know how to do this! The second contraction I pushed again and thought to myself, push harder Tara and it will all be over, so i did and out came Everett!

I had a second degree tear. With Boston I had terrible internal tears, like terrible! So both were different types. The hospital was busy so i had to go into a shared room. I had no sleep due to the fact the nurses have to come check on the baby and I often right after, plus my roommates baby cried a lot. Everett never made a sound!

Later that morning my mom came and brought Boston to meet his new baby brother. He was in love!

We were released from the hospital around lunch time, which was a tad too early i thought but I didn't enjoy my roommate and her 15 plus guests. Also her husband came with their two girls around 10am and dropped them off and went to work.

Scott and I couldn't decide on Everett's name. We didn't leave till 5 pm just because we didn't have a name and we also had a nap. There was only really 3 names we were choosing between. Everett was our back up name when Boston was born. I think because it had been 2 plus years since we first thought about it, it almost lost its excitement. The name came from 2 places, the first was from Scott's favourite Christmas movie, The Family Stone. Plus it is another City in Massachusetts. Massachusetts is where Scott served his mission (hence where the name Boston came from). As for his middle name Truman, it is my Great Great Great Great Grandfathers name. You can read about him here on Wikipedia.

Recovery was terrible, but not as horrible as the first time around. Luckily I was able to stay in bed and rest a lot with time around. With Boston we had so many doctor appointments and 24 hour jaundice treatment about a week after he was born that i wasn't able to rest like I did this time. I was in major pain for about 1 week and then it eased off from there. If anything mentally this recovery was harder, but physically the first time around was harder. Because of Boston i just found it stressful and emotional. I felt bad for him because he really wanted me, but I wasn't able to give him much attention. I was very thankful for my mom and the fact we were living at my parents house! Scott wasn't able to take much time off work so I really needed my mom.


Allison said...

Yay for birth stories! So fun to finally hear about Everett's arrival and glad that you had your mom around to help. It makes a huge difference when you have time to rest and know that the older kid is being well taken care of. I found the emotions with #2 to be way worse too, and I felt sad that Kalea was all of a sudden so big and not my baby anymore, definitely don't miss those days! It gets better that's for sure!

Cichy's said...

Tara, you did so good! I loved reading this!

Kim said...

Just catching up on your blog! So fun to read Everett's birth story :) He is so so sweet! And so nice that you were at your parents so they could take care of you! It makes everything so much better :)

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