As many of you know, I love shopping. I was very limited on space to bring anything back. I was allowed only one check bag and that bag was to be shared between Boston and I. But I sure did some damage to our bank account even with the limited space (scott also purchased things). We did do a big shop in Great Falls at Target, Bath and Body and even Victoria Secret when we landed before we headed to the hotel to spend the night and that allowed for a whole truck full of shopping plus no tax (here we picked up everything from Honey Bunches of Oats, Cherry Diet Coke, Face Wash, Baby Food, ect)!

Oh and that was a horrible night in Great Falls. Boston just wouldn't go into the play pin, but really I couldn't blame him. It was the hotels and it looked horrible. He cried when I tried to put him in and then when I would take him out he would just hold on to me for dear life and fall asleep. Finally we padded the play pin down with pillows and I got him in asleep. BUT i didn't sleep a wink thinking he is going to suffocate because he was sleeping on pillows. 

Anyways, I love shopping! Here are a few random purchases that I was able to find quick pictures of online (the shirts and ties aren't exact pictures, but we did buy a whole bunch of that stuff at Nordstrom Rack). I knew my mom would appreciate this post.


Nena said...

I have that same Busy Zoo Activity Block for the kids! It is a huge hit! Boston will LOVE it!

Sheri said...

Impressive work! I want to come shopping with you.

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